From what viewpoint are you looking at your life? Are you looking in the rear-view mirror or are you looking through your windshield?

Looking through your rear-view mirror is viewing life with chains of the past. Some of these chains may be limiting beliefs that were drilled into your head as a young girl.

“You will work in the family business”

“Girls are never good at math or science”

“You are not smart enough to graduate from college”

Are you looking in your rear-view mirror?Your rear-view mirror could be negative experiences that you’ve never been able to let go and are now eating away at your self-confidence. Those events could be the ending of a significant relationship or divorce, loss of loved ones at a young age or other significant emotional event that rocked your world.

Regardless of what is holding you back, what is key is to realize you are making decisions in your life today based on past experiences or limiting beliefs about yourself.

Living your life looking through the windshield means that you are looking forward. You are not chained down by your past. Not to say that you forget the experiences; but instead you learn from the past and let it go. In the case of limiting beliefs, you realize that the belief is no longer true in your life today.

Personal growth is a result of working through a past experience or limiting belief. Being human, we will always be in the process of acceptance, letting go and growing from the experience … this is the natural rhythm of life.

I am currently working through the limiting belief of worthiness. I have a lot of wonderful events happening in my life. There is a part of me that questions whether or not I have earned the right to have these wonderful experiences. I know it can sound silly, but it is my reality. The result of my limiting belief is that is holds me back from life.

How do I get through it?

I journal about it. I talk about it. I pray and meditate on it. I wish it was as quick as turning on or off a light; but it is not. It is a process I need to work through and it is a process that takes time.

I’d like to hear from you on what limiting belief you are working on right now. Please comment on this blog below.

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