What does it mean for a woman to find her voice? Voice is not only speaking. It’s listening, responding, and being heard. It is purpose, identity, imagination, and beauty.

Your voice was created the moment you were conceived. Sometimes it has been shut down – flattened. Nurture it. Don’t take it for granted.

All women are gifted with a powerful voice. A voice for expression, meant to impact others and transform the world in small and big ways. Your voice shows in your relationships, with God and others. Start searching for your voice – finish these statements to begin the journey on finding your voice.

My voice is hiding because ____________________ .

When I find my voice I am afraid ________________________ .

My voice is saying ______________________ .

My voice is heard by _______________________ so they can ___________________ .

Sharing my voice helps me __________________ .

Sue Monk Kidd, the author of best-selling The Secret Life of Bees, had these wonderful words of wisdom on sharing her voice with her daughter.

“I never consciously tried to raise my daughter from an ideology or a polemic. I guess Ann learned through osmosis. I think that’s how children primarily learn -- through this osmosis from their family, from their parents.

Ann saw me pursuing doggedly, passionately my art, my spirituality – I couldn’t help myself. And something of that went into her. She watched me, as a woman, give voice to my female self. She saw how I was empowered and how I thwarted myself. She saw how this expression of the female was sabotaged, or limited. All of these things that I was experiencing, she soaked up, in quiet ways, in natural, organic ways.

There is a silent transmission between mothers and daughters. And it’s different from the transmission between mother and son. Simply because you and your daughter are the same gender, you will experience things very similarly.

I was raising her – trying to be true to my own self.”
Once you search for, explore and express your voice - embrace it. You will attract people who want to hear what you are saying. You will become powerful.

When this happens you will let go of your fears and inhibitions and speak like no one’s listening. It may take time but once you do, it’s worth it. Because that’s when you will truly have impact with your voice.

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