It is argued that the discipline of art and science are truly distinct from each other. While that is a fact but it does not mean that we go about separating the two subjects to an extent that they become each other’s rivals. In our academic culture where science is generally looked upon in positive consideration than art, it has come to know that people are divided when in their opinion of both. For decades, people would admire science and contempt art. The field of art simply reeked of opportunities for people than science. The latter seemed to be a rather meaningful and viable career option and the field itself having plausible explanations via theories and mathematical calculations really formed our perception of it being superior to art.

However, when people kept a high opinion of science and low of art, it basically meant ignorance. Art is a vast field itself having respect for centuries and which has gained staggering significance due to its association in our lives in almost every way. Look around you and you will find art in any form – this tells us how important art is.

But one cannot compare the two: art and science. Both fields have the ability to co-exist and are basically media of expression, only different in their nature of form and style. Ironically, art and science have worked in conjunction and nothing can describe it better than the existence of the field of architecture.

Besides, a viable example of art and science working together in their truest form can be told using the example of Infinite Universe Art by A. Gregg Pader. The artist has a series of works where he shows the infinity of the universe as an idea itself which he explains through his art. He has centered his work on circles and creating a unique expression which is very deep in meaning. His work is the pinnacle of how art and science exist by complimenting each other. A. Gregg Pader’s work may be ideal for to hang on the walls of your living room but they serve a bigger purpose in defining a complex theory by the artist. He puts up a statement on his website which perfectly explains everything: “In my current Series One, I am presenting my own theory that there has been created an INFINITE number of universes. Our own universe is unique with its own set of physical laws different from the next universe-and there are, in my belief, billions perhaps trillions of different universes. I am not a scientist and have no scientific proof of my theory, but as an artist, I can only present my idea through my creations. So in my paintings, each panel is depicting a unique universe. But if you can go deeper in that line of thought, now imagine even the tiniest dot in my paintings as a symbol for a universe as vast as our own.”

Given the examples which really speak of the idea, one can assertively say that science and art co-exist well and complete each other.

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