Artificial Intelligence can be deployed to realise compelling results in the contact centre – reduce call
volume, increase customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs. AI contact centres and the best robotic
process automation tools reshape the customer's and the service agent's experience.

A bulk of customer calls revolve around their orders – delivery status, order status updates, changes to
their contact details, payment enquiries, product queries, etc. These details can be easily and quickly
accessed by the customer on an interactive AI-assisted interface. This eliminates the need to call a
contact centre.

Real-time customer support in an AI contact centre integrates the best contact centre solutions:
Live chat - Live chat is a real-time customer support channel. The use of live chats has increased. To
make it effective, an agent should be available to keep track of the chat at all times. Ideally, the
response time on live chat should be under 30 seconds. It is a great tool to engage people. Businesses
can attract new customers and retain existing ones by providing swift, personalised service through AI
powered contact centres.

Messaging apps - Customers prefer messaging apps over phone calls. It is commonplace today for most
people to instant message one another for information. Messaging apps like Whatsapp have a large pool
of active users. Customers expect the same convenience when it comes to customer support services.
Instant messaging takes away the urgency of a live chat, at the same time you can reach them directly
on their mobile phones. Messaging interactions cost businesses a lot less than phone calls, and more
customers can be engaged at the same time.
Chatbots - Chatbots can address common questions, which are asked often, about a brand or service .
The more complex queries can be redirected to a customer service agent for assistance. Customers can
address simple questions to a chatbot to get instantaneous help. For example, simply assisting with
website navigation can improve the experience and improve the chances of turning a visitor into a

Automation assisted contact centre solutions make customer self-service possible, reducing call volumes
at the contact centre. Chatbots and other AI assisted messaging services can help lessen repeated calls
regarding the same query. It can save agent time and improve quality of calls by raising agent
productivity. The same agent could attend to calls that require more complex skills that a machine
cannot provide. A human agent can be intuitive and empathic. They can be used to address complex
queries that need the agent's thinking power. The best results can be achieved when AI and human
agents work hand in glove, creating more meaningful customer interactions while unburdening the
contact centre.

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