In today’s world where everything is getting digitalized, no business can afford to stay away from digital marketing. And the legal profession is no different. Lawyers and law firms are actively involved in online marketing. Law firm digital marketing is a necessity today and attorneys are readily embracing it. The legal market is saturated and potential clients have unlimited options to get legal service. More and more people search the net to find attorneys for legal aid. To stand out in the crowd you need to have an effective digital marketing strategy. This article highlights some important digital marketing strategies for attorneys.


Creating a strong website is necessary for attorneys and law firms to survive in the highly competitive legal profession. Majority of business come from local clients and your website is the foundation of your marketing endeavor. It is your website that has all the information about you and the services you provide. You can post quality content y that your active and prospective clients would find useful. The website should be a correct reflection of your firm and its values. You must also provide free information on frequently asked questions relating to your area of specialization. This will build credibility among potential clients, and they would trust you as an authority on legal matters.


Search engine optimization is all about using the right words in the content and having an effective online strategy to gain high rank in search engine results. SEO is particularly beneficial for local law firms if you follow the right procedure, such as:

Using the right keywords: Using local or area specific keywords would mean that your website would show up in searches made by people from your locality. It would increase your visibility resulting in increased chance of attracting new clients.
Categorize your website:Legal profession has various specialties and area of expertise. It is, therefore, advisable that you categorize your website according to the services that you offer so that visitors can easily navigate to the page that has the legal matter they are interested in.
Optimizing your pages: When individual pages are optimized it becomes easier for search engines to read thereby increasing your chance to better compete with local attorneys.

Embracing Social Media

Social media is an integral part our lives. Almost everyone uses some social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform. Social media is an excellent platform for word of mouth advertising. Therefore, it is necessary that you maintain a professional profile on these platforms. It is essential for your business. The biggest advantage it has is that you can interact with a prospective client even before you have met them. You can use different mediums to interact directly with them.

Content Marketing

Content is very important, it influences peoples’ decision-making. Publishing good quality, informative content is an effective way to showcase your knowledge and skill. Posting authoritative content will develop trust among potential clients. It is important that you position yourself as an expert in your area of practice.


Blogging is an excellent way to enhance your public relations. You can write about charity or community events that you were involved in. Maintaining presence in clients’ area of interest helps in brand recognition. Besides speaking on legal matters you should also write on industry related news, so that prospective customer would believe that you keep yourself aware of the latest happenings in the legal industry. You can also post photos and videos on your blog to keep the visitors engaged and stay on your website.

Engage in email marketing

E-mail marketing is believed to be the best form of internet marketing techniques. It gives the highest return on investment. Attorneys and law firms can successfully utilize this strategy to get new clients. With vast majority of the population using email, this marketing strategy has very high potential. Usually, business owners ask visitors to subscribe to their website or ask for email addresses on a page especially created for it. To encourage user to provide their email addresses, you could think of giving something for free, such as an ebook.

Professional Internet Marketing

You can also consider hiring a professional Internet marketer to help you plan and implement your digital marketing strategy. Hire a professional who has experience in online marketing for attorneys.These internet marketers are experts in their profession and can help you achieve the best result for your investment. They use the latest techniques and tools of internet marketing so that you get the best result possible.

Marketing for lawyers is not an easy task, but if properly implemented, law firm digital marketing can hugely boost the clientele for lawyers.

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Sophia is an expert marketing consultant at Conroy Creative Counsel Ltd -law firm marketing agency for lawyer seo.