When I worked in a busy clinic the City of London, I was one of the most sought-after massage practitioners. And yet, for most of that time, I only had the basic ITEC qualification in Anatomy, Physiology, and Body Massage. And even though I later added Deep Tissue and Indian Head massage to my repertoire, I can honestly say that the actual strokes themselves that I gave was not so special as to give me so many happy clients. It was something else.

It was actually a number of techniques that I did with other healing modalities that made the difference and made me stand out. This included excellent training in the Seichem Reiki system about the chakras, colour, aura reading-palpation and the violet flame. And I also became a pioneer in massage with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and combined my expanding EFT skills with a great massage routine that my massage instructor, who also did Shiatsu, taught us. The combination of these techniques meant that I was able, with practise, trial and error, map the person´s bodily tension to their emotional state, and when I expertly recognized and emotionally-stuck area, I used simple techniques to release it. This mapping of emotions can be done on the person´s skin whilst palpating their body or on top of the skin in the aura. A quick scan of the aura before massaging an area can reveal many things about the specific emotions the client needs to release. Whilst massage is a very gentle way of releasing those emotions and by no means as thorough as a standalone EFT session, massage is still a very gentle and gradual (non-threatening) way of release.

Scanning the aura, say over the back just before you apply the oil, can take just about 2-3 seconds once you are experienced. So it is very quick. And in that short time, you can gather information on these emotions in your client:
* Excess worry
* An unsatisfied urge to be creative
* Too much logical thinking at work that is not balanced by * other work or leisure activities
* Fear, possibly stemming from childhood
* Anger, possibly stemming from childhood
* Incomplete grieving for a loved one
* Feeling insecure or not belonging
* Needing to let go of a deep issue
* Problems with a male in one´s life
* Problems with a female in one´s life
* Being stabbed in the back by a colleague
* Challenges with the male (provider, masculine) and female (carer, feminine) side of the client

After the scan, I would give the massage as usual, with one exception. I would concentrate on those areas that indicated an emotional tension, using the lovely Shiatsu-like movements that were included in my basic massage training. Whilst doing so, I might encourage the client to ¨give me that tension in your back just there; let it flow out of those muscles and into my fingers¨. If the client was open to it, I would also pause the massage for a couple of minutes, keeping one hand on the affected area and drain the excess emotion into the violet flame via the other hand, like a siphon.

But basically, whatever techniques you use to release that extra tension is good. The trick is to know where that extra emotional tension is.

Another positive aspect of aura reading is that if the client is open and interested, you can feedback to them what you are picking up from their body. This can give them a chance to talk about what is troubling them more specifically during the massage. or they may wish to contemplate it silently whilst being relaxed. I would never give this information unless I was sure the client was happy to receive it. But whenever I had a client that was, it made such a difference. Having said that, simply bringing my awareness to the emotion whilst taking extra care over the affected area seemed to do the trick. Most clients were blissfully unaware of any emotional component. They just reported that I gave the best massage ever. They had no idea why, and that was perfectly OK with me.

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