I often say awareness is the first step to growth, healing and creating change. But, how do you view awareness? What is awareness for you personally?

Being aware is the bedrock of our relationship to everyday existence. When we are without awareness we are moving through our life with no connection to self or others. We are simply not in the flow.

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.” ~Osho

Awareness isn’t something that is outside of us. It isn’t about who others are, what they are doing and how they are affecting us. We notice others in relation to ourselves. We are aware of what others have financially and relationally compared to ourselves. This sort of awareness is judgment and has ill effects on our attitude and connection to life.

“Most man’s awareness doesn’t extend past their dinner plates.” ~Scott Westerfeld

Awareness is an internal focus. It is a shift from outer circumstance to inner understanding. It is knowing ourselves so well – our patterns of behavior, our beliefs, and our internal dialogue. It’s a recognition of what needs healing and where growth is wanting to take place. It is through awareness that we connect to our higher self for this growth and healing.

How do you cultivate awareness?

Have a desire to be aware! Then begin to notice why you react rather than respond or how you speak about or to others. Stop and ask yourself questions. If you get upset by a certain situation or with a particular person ask, “why does this really upset me?” or “what about this makes me feel this way?” Once you begin the internal process of digging deeper you realize there is an underlying belief or fear that is actually running in the background.

You can then begin to take steps to deal with those fears or limiting beliefs.* Knowing yourself this well is what makes you a leader – a leader of your own life!

“Fame is foolish, it is pointless, meaningless. Even if the whole world knows you, how does it make you richer? How does it make your life more blissful? How does it help you to be more understanding, to be more aware?” ~Osho

Leaders are often thought of as those who are famous, or rich or financially successful. Leadership is about who you are and how you are showing up in the world from your strengths and gifts. It is about knowing your path and purpose or at least being on the path of self-discovery. As you lead your life you have such qualities as confidence, focus and determination tag along. This gives way to inspiration for others as well.

Take some time to cultivate more awareness of your leadership by making a list of your strengths and how you rely on these strengths in your life situations. You can also begin to decide how you would like to develop them further and take action towards that.

Meditate on the subject of awareness. Ask for what you need to know about yourself or how you can become more aware. Is self-awareness important to you and exactly what does it mean for you?

An exploration of who we are now is crucial to growing into the person we want to be. It can be liberating to uncover some of the self-defeating behaviors and truly begin to understand ourselves.

*If you would like to partner with me on how discovering and eliminating your limiting beliefs can transform you into that leader of an empowered and fulfilled life then I encourage you to reach out for a free strategy session.

Here’s to awareness and leadership in YOU!

Author's Bio: 

When I was a child I was curious about my higher purpose in life and on many occasions asked the question, “Why am I here?” It makes perfect sense looking back that becoming a coach was perfect for me because I have always asked deep and profound questions and my sense of curiosity was at times insatiable! I wanted to understand the real reason for my existence. The answers began coming to me in the shape of desire! I had a burning desire to ease others pain and lift them to a place of joy and hope. As a teen I began reading books to help me understand some of the Universal questions I was seeking and quickly became interested in self-improvement through Spirituality, self-reflection and self-awareness.

My desire to know myself better and to help others has always stayed strong within me. This path of growth led to me explore various practices such as meditation and the well known self-development course, Landmark Education. My journey continued after having children and exploring my life further for its purpose and value. By understanding that my passion is supporting people in their life I began volunteering as a tutor in my children’s elementary school. I could clearly see that one of the main areas these children needed help with was having a sense of belief in themselves. I knew I could bring that level of confidence to them through encouragement and most importantly by believing in them myself. I believed in them with every part of me. After all, don’t we all have a desire to be believed in? Being in the presence of these children was a gift to my life – they have such wonderful insights and views of the world. My favorite part of being with these kids was seeing their faces and smiles as the trust and friendship blossomed between us. Daily interaction gave me opportunities to shine the light on their strengths and wonderful qualities and put a smile on my heart.

This very path – a desire to help others opened up a space within me and led me to coaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach with International Coach Academy (ICA). This lovely and exciting field has given me the opportunity to encourage, support and champion people into their true greatness and magnificence. It is what makes me happy and fulfilled. It is my wish for you to have the life of your deepest desires – to embrace who you are – to embrace your life with joy and gratitude. To always be growing and stretching, transforming and morphing into the highest and most profound vision of YOU!
Dawn Weaver