Back in the old days, dropping a phone was no big deal. You just pick it up, dust it off and then put it back into your pockets again. But today, dropping a smartphone can bring about a mini heart-attack as it may just jeopardise its sleek and shiny screen.

Now, other than hampering its aesthetic appeal, there are numerous functional and health issues that come about when using a smartphone with a cracked screen.

Risks Of Using An iPhone With A Cracked Screen:

  • Malfunctioning A Broken iPhone Screen.

The biggest mistake of using a cracked iPhone device is ignoring it. They do not get better with time. In fact, the first thing which will be compromised is the functionality of the touch screen.

The phone will take longer to respond to the finger gestures, and in time, will eventually stop functioning altogether.

Furthermore, damaged iPhone screen also get prone to finger oil, debris, dust. These air particles find their way inside through the cracks- which can further damage the phone over time.

That is why it is important to always go for mobile phone repairs in Adelaide to fix it immediately.

  • Getting Splinters On Your Fingers And Cutting It As You Swipe.

While using iPhones with a cracked screen, there is a high risk of your fingers getting cut as you swipe for usual usage. This gets more dangerous if kids in the house love playing smartphones.

Tiny shards of cracked glass can get inside their fingers and hurt them badly. There is no need to take that risk, especially when these small shards of glass can also get into their eyes.

Opting for a quality mobile repair company in Adelaide is the best way to deal with such cracked screen devices. Their experts will use genuine spare parts and quality tools to fix the issue properly and bring the device back to its original functionality.

  • Exposure To Outer Elements Which Damage The Inner Parts Of The Screen.

Usually, it is the screen that always safeguards the inner part of the device from the outside elements. But when the screen is crippled, it can potentially cause long-term damage to the device.

Furthermore; one should clean the smartphone screen using a damp piece of cloth. But in case of a cracked screen, this is something that cannot happen, as it can cause the liquid from seeping through the cracks, hence causing the phone to short-circuit.

  • Puts More Strain On Your Eyes.

Most smartphones display a high-definition display which presents viewers a quality viewing experience. But when that HD display cripples, users will feel more strain on their eyes as the content will be more difficult to look.

One will be squinting their eyes more than reading the content. And as it makes checking the phone a more significant task than what it ought to be, it leaves users with an eyesore.

Such risks are never worth taking, which is why one should opt for a top-grade iPhone screen repair in Adelaide at cost-effective rates almost immediately after the damage.

  • Difficulty In Navigating Unfamiliar Neighbourhood and Roads.

Lastly, all smartphones come with GPS and maps to assist users to navigate unfamiliar roads and neighborhoods. Be it walking or driving; they always take a peek into their phone maps to get a more correct reading of their location.

A cracked screen makes that difficult and hence creates confusion inside the mind of the user. And that often leads to road hazards and safety risks.

These are few of the popular cracked screen risks which users will eventually face if they don’t opt for professional phone repairs in Adelaide quickly.

So, what’s the delay. Find a reputed mobile repair shop and get it fixed ASAP!


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The author is an experienced technician who performs phone repairs in Adelaide. With that, the author is also a writer and using articles and blogs explains to the readers the importance of opting for professional mobile phone repairs in Adelaide at reasonable rates.