As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, your goal in setting up your bedroom is to create a space that is completely conducive to sleep. The energy of smelly feet can only be distracting. Why is it that I so often find pairs of shoes strewn over bedroom floors?

I’m fairly certain that part of the problem is not having adequate storage for the number of shoes that people own these days.

Also, sometimes shoes just don’t make it to the closet. You may be thinking, “Why put them away? I’m just going to put them on again tomorrow. . .”

Sweaty, smelly feet and rest just don’t go well together. Ideally it’s best to reduce the number of shoes you own to those that can fit in your closet. Then make it a point to make sure they get back there every night. For one thing, you’ll find your bedroom is more peaceful because there will be fewer items out and visible in the room. You’ll also find that your focus can shift away from the energy chatter of pairs of shoes to more important things like some gentle reading, reflecting about your day, or conversation with a partner or spouse.

Energy chatter. What chatter? Everything is alive with energy. Everything! What do shoes say? Here are some of the conversations I’ve heard:

1. Those shoes really are too tight, but they are the only ones that really look professional.
2. I really should polish that pair. Look how scuffed they are!
3. The bottoms are really worn on that pair. Is it time to bite the bullet and get another pair?
4. I look like such a dork in those shoes! But, they are so comfortable!
5. Those shoes really stink. I wonder what’s going on with my feet that they stink so badly.

With all those conversations going on, is it any wonder that you don’t get great sleep anymore? Yes, when your eyes are closed you can’t see all those shoes, but you feel their energy when you are sleeping. Their presence interferes with peaceful sleep.

Banish shoes from the bedroom to the closet and enjoy the peace that results from your efforts. Remember, if you’re coming up with ANY reason at all to “let go” of a pair of shoes – just do it. Set them free. Take the remaining shoes and find a storage solution that will work in your closet. Try a stacking shelf or, if wall space is limited, consider storing solutions that you can hang in the closet. Then, enjoy sweet dreams!

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