Having good connections and contacts in the restaurant business will give you much better access to the supplies you will need; and if you are running a bar, it would definitely make things easier. You can get each type of item by making a simple call, placing an order and have it delivered to you. The busier the area of business is, the more often this would have to be performed in a week, and sometimes in a day.

Important addition to any bar supplies is a list of consumables. The washrooms are one area of importance, and as you consider the cleanness of the customer, you will have to stock up on paper towels. In order to avoid wastage of paper towels, however, you should make sure there is a trusty paper towel dispenser in the washroom. Table napkins could either be left on their dispenser on the table, or they could be given to the customers when they are being served their food. It is the same way with drinking straws and with stirrers. You need to have enough of these bar supplies.

Spilt drinks in bars automatically translates to losses. Drinks should be available in bottles, for customers of such preferences. Others like it served in small amounts in a glass. The measurements will vary, and spillages will only quicken the rate at which the drinks ran out. Having kegs will actually make serving drinks easier, thanks to the special pump pourers integrated into them. However, with bottles, the issue is tricky, and you will need the right kind of pourers for the job. In your bar supplies list, ensure that you order for those that are either straight or curved depending on your preference in handling the bottles when serving drinks. Make sure the pourer has a regulator valve that will work in controlling the amount of liquor that is served. Shots and servings of drinks with precise measurements can also be served using special pourers that are customized to do just that.

In compliance with various state and health regulations about sanitation in public places involved in the hospitality industry, you should make sure you keep your place clean. Hygienic issues should always be put first and foremost in a bar, that's why you have to make sure hygiene-related bar supplies should always be purchased. These supplies will ranges from cleaning products used on utensils, others for the bar counter, window, floor, and the washrooms. If you need the use of special machines for the job, then it will be prudent to include them in your list of bar supplies.

You should keep a close eye on your inventory of utensils. You can also run the risk of running low on stock when it comes to glasses, since they can break easily. Hence, it is always important to take note of all broken glasses or any other utensils and make the necessary replacement orders. Serving utensils like ice buckets and trays should also be paid attention to since they are the ones used directly to serve the customers. Make a list of important bar supplies and keep track of those, which are fast consumable, addressing those first and then dealing with the rest later.

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