Many people would like to be more present, awake, aware, as well as financially successful and equally importantly, have better relationships with someone who is actually ‘there’.

In my years of trying to teach people how to attain these qualities I have been met with constant resistance to the principles that will give them what they want because, as buddha said; the truth is so simple, no one will understand. I hope this simple article will give some people the key to a very powerful method of changing your life.

Gracefulness is a simple concept, nothing intellectual about it, anyone can do it, and it is profoundly powerful on the physical, mental and spiritual levels all at the same time.

All it takes is to be aware of your movements. To be graceful means to move smoothly, intentionally and with respect. Yes, respect is the key to gracefulness.

If you are rough in your movements, it shows there is no regard or respect for the things you are touching or doing. However, if you respect something, you love and cherish it, you would treat it very differently. I am certain that everyone has had the experience of getting something they really loved and will have noticed how they took care of that thing a little differently than anything else.

To be graceful is to be elegant. This is not a feminine or masculine concept, both men and women can be elegant. Everyone admires elegance, it is very sexy.

Elegance is often associated with wealth. In combining the Eastern philosophical concept of Karma with the Western scientific and analytic point of view, if we examine the chain of events we come to a very interesting discovery.

Elegance and grace are usually associated with wealthy people.
The opposite of wealthy is poor or having enough for survival but not really financially independent.
Waste of any sort; money, time or even the smallest of things which add up to costing money, leaks savings and thus perpetuates financial limitations.
Thus we can say that to become wealthy we must be frugal or at least not waste a penny.
If wealthy people are elegant and the opposite of elegance is clumsy, we can find through objective observation that generally poor people are rougher in their movements and wasteful in small things they disregard as being so small. They forget that 100 pennies equals one dollar.
Rough movements will break or wear out things much quicker and thus increase the cost as things need replacement more often, thus rough movements wastes money.
And so we can conclude that by being graceful and attentive in all physical movements, not only does one become more sexy, but their mindset changes to one of wealth and respect. By not wasting time and money, wealth can begin to accumulate.
Let us go back to the essence of gracefulness stemming from respect. Consider how you would handle a rock versus a raw egg. You would not worry about tossing the rock around because it has no value to you, but you will be very careful with the egg because you want to eat it. That is an obvious reason to treat the egg with more respect, but you will not consider this when handling your dishes for example.

Let me add another reason why you would treat the raw egg with respect which does apply to the dishes. If you drop either one on the floor, you have to spend time to clean it up. Not only have you wasted the egg or dish, and the money that it took to buy it, which took your time to earn, but now you have to waste time to clean up the mess.

Time is money. Gracefulness due to respecting everything saves time and money. Saving money rather than wasting it is the way to get rich.

In closing, let me add the most important part of why it is so important to become graceful; how other people see you. If you had a lovely home and needed a house sitter, or if you had to go out and leave your baby with a sitter, or if you have a business and need someone to manage the company or shop, wouldn’t you feel far more comfortable with a graceful person who clearly has respect for everything they do?

If I am going to trust someone to work in my company, that means they are going to use my computer, machines, office, etc, and I want to know that this person will not break my things which I have worked hard to earn the money to purchase. Simply put, the graceful person will advance in their career far quicker and further than a clumsy one.

In our life on earth, everything breaks, everything wears out, and so needs to be treated with care. When it comes to relationships, we want to find a partner who will treat us with respect, care and attention. Man or woman, we all want to be touched gently with love. We all want to know that the person we bring into our lives will treat the things we love and cherish in a way that will preserve them.

All these outward actions are always subconsciously related to our most precious possession, our heart. To put it poetically in hopes it melts into your mind in a way that effects you deeply; I want someone who is graceful and elegant because that means she cares about everything she does, but more importantly it shows she is present and aware of her actions, she respects everything not because the thing deserves respect, but because she respects herself and wants to make the most out of her life without wasting a second of this precious and rather short existence, in a word; she is awake! And to have this wonderful person in my life, I must be Awake too!

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, applying his understanding of the mind and emotions in business, relationships and personal growth.
Your mind makes you a success or failure, business skill is only a small part.
David resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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