Year after year, it was the same old story. I would spend holidays by myself, and would, more often than not, indulge in sad feelings. At that time, I had no idea how struggling with being single would help me achieve my life's dreams.

One day, I called a dear friend of mine, who is amazingly wise, and confided in him that I was really tired of being single. What he told me changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

The first thing he told me was to not waste time and to start immediately to pursue my life's purpose, and the right man would surely come my way. He went on to tell me that once I did as he suggested, my life would positively change for the better. "Enjoy your single days joyfully now while they last" he added. He advised me to think of this new approach to life as an "experiment."

The moment he told me that, it really made an impression on me. I am not sure why but deep down a little voice told me that his words of wisdom were right on. I made a decision to seriously contemplate what my life's mission was. And, I committed to living every day with joy and gratitude for my life.

The Power Of Joy Helps To Manifest What You Desire

Later I was to discover that joy is a powerful emotion. It has a high vibration and will help you manifest what you deeply desire because its vibratory level is closest to the level of creation.

I have to tell you that I even made a pact with Spirit, Universal Intelligence. I promised that I would deeply enjoy being single and that when I did find my dream partner, I would commit to always supporting him in every way I could to help him live his life's purpose. I felt really good about this "deal" that I made.

The "experiment" went very well. People at work asked me if something had changed in my life. One friend even asked me if I was in love. My energy had positively increased, and I did feel in love-in love with life that is.

During that time when I was single, I spent quiet time focusing on my life's purpose, on what I wanted to accomplish before I left this mysterious world. Having time to myself helped me to discover my new life's work. I soon realized that I wanted to stop working for companies, and that I wanted to create my own business to help people become successful using ancient wisdom.

My Single Days Were Over When I Increased My Energy & Followed My Purpose

I became really excited about realizing my life's purpose, and I started to focus more and more on my future business. Long story short, my business goal led me to attend an Internet marketing conference. It was there that I finally met the love of my life that I had so longed for. My wise friend had been right. I had found the right man once I focused on following my life's mission.

As I look back, it has become clear to me. I found my beloved partner when I was already happy with my life and focused on achieving my life's vision-my purpose. I had learned the "lessons" that I needed to learn. Interestingly, my beloved also had made a decision to pursue his purpose in life, and that is what led him to attend the very same conference that I attended.

Ancient wisdom teaches that a man not living his vision is living death. As we focus on a higher purpose, we become whole and the universe will absolutely support our path every step of the way. It is a universal law. We become empowered and can more easily release those heavy beliefs that drain our energy. We acquire the power to live a magical life.

Emotions, such as joy and gratitude, are powerful forces. They will increase your energy and will help you manifest. In contrast, heavy emotions, such as fear and worry, drain personal energy and keep you stuck. Have you ever efficiently achieved a goal or solved any problem while engulfed in emotional trauma?

Now I want to share tips for increasing your energy, emotionally as well as physically. To create what you deeply desire, such as finding the love of your life, requires personal energy. Change your energy, and change your life.


1. Love yourself. How you feel about yourself will determine what you attract into your life. Forgive your self now, accept your self, and become free to create your ideal life. If you haven't attracted the beloved that you desire, ask yourself if you truly love yourself. It will be difficult to find the right partner to love you, if you can not love yourself.

2. Follow your purpose. As an Apache shaman, once said "A man not living his purpose is living death." As you follow your life's purpose, you become whole and are in an advantageous position to achieve your personal goals. You have access to a higher power that formerly was not within your reach.

3. When you find yourself feeling low, do empowering things to increase your energy such as spending time alone in nature. Nature has a high vibration and is a powerful ally.

4. When you find yourself feeling low, release what's holding you down. Heavy emotions that drain your energy, such as fear and worry, are likely to be the first culprits you need to release. To the extent that you are held down by old beliefs, patterns and wounds, you are not free to let go of the past and create your future.

5. Make a full commitment to take action to get what you want in your life. Do whatever it takes to keep your energy up and be impeccable about your intent.

6. Write in a journal how you want your life to be like today. Be the script writer for the movie you want to create. Empower your goals with envisioning and other success techniques. Learn shamanic empowerment practices that teach success tools together with wisdom.

7. Do something for yourself that you've never done-something that you would really enjoy. When you break one pattern or a routine, it can help you to dislodge other patterns that keep you stuck in the past.

8. Treat yourself to special chocolate with at least 80% cocoa. Pure raw cocoa lifts the mood and increases energy due to the abundant presence of phenylethylamine aka PEA (known as the "love molecule") and anandamide (called the "bliss chemical").

9. Treat a friend and yourself to something really out of the ordinary-an energy enhancing food that is "supercharged" with PEA--the same compound found in chocolate that stimulates pleasurable effects on mood. To learn more, subscribe to our e-mail list by visiting the website listed below.

10. Relax about your goal. Every morning give thanks. Gratitude is a powerful ally in the universe. This force will not only help you achieve your dreams, it will keep you from falling into the dark realm of fear and unhappiness. The moment you feel gratitude, you open your heart and are on the track of power.

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