How Big Should A Penis Be: What Is The Average Penis Size?

A lot of men wonder how big a penis should actually be on average mostly because it affects them in some way. When a man has a small penis, for example, he may get harassed at the gym or get humiliated in bed. Plus, he might not be able to satisfy his partner in bed altogether. This is why so many men want to learn how to enlarge their manhood the natural way.

Well, regardless of race, the average size of a penis usually stands at 5.75 inches in erect length and 5 inches in girth.

Having said that, though, a lot of men are still uneasy because it doesn't really change much. Even if you are an inch longer or thicker than the average size, the fact is that you probably still want more. Am I right? Don't worry if this is the case, though. You aren't alone. This is why we will talk about how to enlarge your manhood the natural way in this article.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The very first thing that you should be happy to know is that it is possible to enlarge your manhood the natural way without the need for pills, suction devices or surgery. Instead of talking about why or how this works, though, let me simply show you how you can achieve this natural penis growth all by your lonesome. To start, let us focus on the technique called "dry jelqing" for this. In a nutshell, dry jelqing is used to target permanent growth in terms of the thickness of your penis, whether flaccid or erect.

Here is a step-by-step guide to make things easier for you:

Step One: Get a semi-erection - around half-way there.

Step Two: Create an OK sign with the forefinger and thumb of one of your hands. Your middle finger, ring finger and pinky should all remain outstretched.

Step Three: Grip the base of your penis firmly with the OK sign that you created and then slowly move your hand up towards the opposite end of your penis without sliding over its skin. What you should do here instead is keep your fingers on the same flesh area the whole time that you are sliding your hand along the shaft - kind of like milking a cow. This will force the blood inside your penis to move towards the head.

Step Four: After doing this milking movement from the base to the head, let your grip grow. This entire movement will count as one of your exercising repetitions. If this is your first time doing the exercise, try doing 20 repetitions to start and keep increasing your repetitions with time until you reach 50.

Dry jelqing is just one of the many exercises that you can do to enlarge your manhood the natural way. However, it is only one of the few that is especially made to truly succeed. It has been tried and tested, and proven to truly work. Naturally, it will require some time, patience and practice to master before you can truly enlarge your manhood the natural way with it, though.

The good news is that you will only need to use dry jelqs for a few weeks before you notice how much lower and heavier your penis hangs after doing them. Your penis will also feel more solid and weighty when you have an erection. When used along with other exercises on how to enlarge your manhood the natural way every week, you will definitely start to forget about your former average penis size and become bigger than average in no time at all.

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If you plan on increasing your penis size the natural way, then this article on tips before doing penis enlargement exercises would be very important for you. After all, this article can help make your journey much easier and much more enjoyable overall.

One of the first tips before doing penis enlargement exercises would be to find a good lubricant to use for the exercises. The good news is that you will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to this. If you aren't really willing to invest in a lubricant that you can use solely for your penile exercises, though, then you might want to opt for using moisturizer to start before leveling up to more heavy-duty lubricants. If you notice that these products actually are important in terms of penis enlargement, you can then start looking into your other options.

Petroleum jelly would be an affordable yet great option, for example, because it will protect you from chafing and won't dry up too quickly, either. In fact, the only downside to petroleum jelly is the fact that you will need to clean it up afterwards. Also, while it might seem like it makes sense to use shampoo or soap as your lubricant, don't use them as they can cause extreme irritation on your penis.

Another one of the tips before doing penis enlargement exercises would be to trim your pubic hair, at least the hair found at the base of your penis. A lot of the time, men unintentionally pull on their pubic hair during penile exercises, thus leading to unnecessary discomfort. So, by trimming it, you can make sure that you don't experience any discomfort whatsoever while doing your exercises. Besides, trimming your pubic hair will instantly make your penis look longer, as well. Thanks to today's natural hair removal tools, you won't even have to use any blades near your penis if you are worried about hurting yourself during the trimming process.

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Other tips before doing penis enlargement exercises include drinking a lot of water, taking top quality vitamins, and staying fit, in general. For years now, beauty specialists have said that drinking a lot of water is good for the skin. Well, it's true. Plus, it can help with penis growth, too - believe it.

As for staying fit, in general, there are many benefits to that. For starters, you will look better, feel better and become better in bed. If you are a bit on the chubby side, then staying fit will also make your manhood look bigger. Top quality vitamins, on the other hand, will make you healthier, help you live longer and help with your penis growth. This will make you a whole new man overall.

It has to be said that following these tips before doing penis enlargement exercises won't make your penis bigger overnight, though. It will take some time, so stick in there and don't give up. Also, results might vary from one man to the next, so don't get disheartened if it doesn't seem to be working for you as quickly as it does for others.

The final tips before doing penis enlargement exercises would be to remember to just warm up and not to overdo it in the end. A lot of men seem to think that over-exercising will help them get bigger faster, but this isn't the case in the world of penis enlargement. Also, some penile workouts may be more beneficial for you than others, so make sure you find out which ones would be best for you before sticking to a set schedule for the long haul.

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It is normal for us men to feel concerned about the size of our manhood. And although it is common for women to say the size of their partner's penis is not at all important, we all know the fact - the bigger, the better. So what do you do if you find yourself lacking in size in your manhood department?

In today's modern world, there are plenty of products available to aid you in enhancing your male organ into a more desirable size. But way before any of these gadgets or growth supplement pills were even invented, men made use of only their hands to naturally bring their penis up to size.

How? By exercising it!

The art of doing penis enlargement exercises has been around since the age of ancient Arabs. In fact, through a recent medical study, it was scientifically proven that doing the exercises can actually cause the male organ to increase in size.

The secret lies in the size of two blood channels within your male organ, called the Corpora Cavernosa. These channels are where blood gets stored when you get sexually aroused - this in turn causes the surrounding tissues to expand and results in an erection.

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By exercising your penis in several specific manners, you can actually increase the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa and allow it to store much more blood when required. This of course equates to having your penis expand into a bigger sized erection - just like how you wish it to be!

But how are the exercises like? Are they complicated to perform?

Absolutely not.

The exercise routines only take up several minutes of your time each day to perform. And since you can easily do them using just your hands, it is very convenient for you to practise them daily in the privacy of your own room.

For example, one penis exercise routine involves simply stretching your male organ in various directions.

No kidding!

You start by holding your penis by its head, and then start stretching it outwards in a straight direction away from you. Stop just before you start feeling any pain, and maintain the stretch for about 15 seconds before letting go.

You repeat this routine several more times, varying the direction you stretch your male organ.

Of course one particular exercise will not do wonders. There are several other similarly easy routines which you can easily learn to do and practise if you really wish to get your penis up to its maximum potential size.

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It may seem such taboo for many people, but it is undeniable that many men have the ardent desire to have a bigger penile size and make their women happy most especially during sex. These men will virtually do anything to find the safest and the most effective means to enlarge their penis without going through painful surgeries or taking supplements. So, here is a safe and natural way to lengthen your penis without worrying about going through any medical operations.

Exercises for penile enlargement are very rampant in the world today. There are many natural techniques which can be done in order to achieve bigger size penises to ignite the excitement of women to sleep with men. Size really does matter to most women. A small sized penis can never make women happy in bed because it can't effectively create the friction that women need to achieve that much coveted orgasm.

People may question the effectiveness of natural exercises for the penis when it comes to increasing its size. However, in the ancient times when supplements and surgeries are unavailable, have you ever wondered how our forefathers were able to increase their penile sizes? It was because of these exercises that were only proven recently to be quite effective and safe.

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Stretching is one exercise that will make the penis grow bigger. The exercise is very simple and you can do this with only your bare hands. It involves stretching the tissues and the cells around the penis so that it can develop and grow. As these tissues and cells grow, the growth of the penis in terms of the length and the width will also follow.

The length extender exercise is also a good technique to follow. It also involves stretching of the penis but it is done in a different way. In this kind of exercise, the penis is stretched while sitting at the edge of a couch. Although it can also be done standing up depending on what makes you comfortable.

You have to do this process as while the penis is not erect yet. You need to stretch your penis carefully with a tight grip and hold it for thirty seconds. As you do this, make sure that you do not cause any pain to your penis. You can stretch your penis upward, downward, and sideward or you can do it forward. After that, you should slap your penis against your legs for 50 to 100 times so that the blood will flow. Take a rest for a few minutes and do the steps again. Doing these exercises are the safe and natural way to lengthen your penis size and amaze women in bed.

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