“As it was in the days of Noah,” Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible and he died the year of the Flood. His name meant, at his death, the sending forth of waters. He died the year of the Flood as a sign it was impending. This author suggested similar for Billy Graham here.

“History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.” Similarly, Billy Graham lived to be 99. We might wonder how his death signals end-time judgment that he expected when he said, If God waits much longer, he may have to apologize to Sodom.

It was only a couple months later that hundreds of earthquakes preceded Hawaii’s volcano of fire, reminding us of things “reserved unto fire for the day of judgment,” 2Peter 3:7.

Then came unprecedented fires in California followed by Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Paradise lost to fire on the new moon day of Sept, Oct & Nov--the same day that God told Moses about impending judgment in Exodus 12:2.

Egypt killed babies and enslaved Israel. The US has aborted 60 million and enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, fashion, fiction, gambling, sex, perversion, TV, etc.
God is going to execute judgment as He did on Egypt and take those who are watching to a covenant marriage as He did at Sinai, later saying, “I am married to you,” Jer 3:14.

This is the real meaning of the wedding parables because Paul included the above history of the Exodus in “all those things happened to them for our examples…ends of the world” 1Cor 10:1,11.

With judgment events all happening on the last three new moon dates, we should watch for similar events on December 8/9 as an omen of future events, climaxing in the spring, 2019.

The sign of a huge US event in spring would “when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies,” Luke 21:20. Most Christians think that was 70 AD, but Zech 14:1,2 says the end-time “day of the Lord” will see “ALL nations [not Rome] gathered against Jerusalem.” This may be all Muslim nations, surrounding nations, United Nations?

Christ’s wedding parable shows the “remnant” get their city burned, Matt 22:6,7, and there was no wedding in 70 AD--this event initiates the end-times and we should watch April.

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Author's Bio: 

Richard Ruhling is a physician whose focus in retirement is end-times Bible prophecy.