The world of technology is rapidly changing at an unprecedented level. And as we reach new frontiers and push the boundaries, the way we interact with each other also changes.

To survive and flourish in this brave new world, it is essential to keep yourself informed about the changes being made on a daily basis. This is especially relevant when it comes to one particular area of technology that’s seeing skyrocketed growth lately—cryptocurrency.

Up until now, most of us have been making transactions through conventional payment systems, such as using cash, checks, and credit or debit cards. But, according to predictions made by experts at, that is changing with the gradual rise of the digital currencies market.

Now, we can only hope that the change is for good.

A New Currency Emerging
A traditional currency like cash is not backed up by anything tangible. In earlier days, gold was the deciding factor for the worth of a dollar but that is not the case anymore.

Today, it is instead the faith of the government which backs the currency. Apart from that, it’s also easy for someone to move cash around without anyone knowing it. And so arise issues like black markets, human trafficking and money laundering, all of which can destroy a country from within.

But cryptocurrency is a unique version of monetary transaction.

What is Bitcoin?
This new type of currency is made through a process called mining. Inspired from how people used to mine gold from the Earth, cryptocurrency is mined using a computer. Once it is mined, you’re rewarded with some gold while a bigger portion goes out into the world.

Most cryptocurrencies have a limited amount of gold that can be mined so you won’t have to worry about inflation. Moreover, every single transaction you make with a cryptocurrency will be transparent, and it will also be stored on a digital ledger.

Anyone can access this ledger, filled with blocks of information called “blockchain,” at any time. Due to its many advantages, more and more countries are acknowledging its legitimacy and are making plans to introduce it in their nations.

Bitcoin, which is the most popular of all cryptocurrencies, can be kept in mobile wallets and used for transactions just like any other currency. The one key difference between Bitcoin and traditional currencies is its digital nature.

Because of that, one could argue that Bitcoin is also a bit difficult to define as some believe that it’s more secure. But others believe the opposite is the case.

The whole concept of making financial transactions withdigital wallets is changing. More and more people are going cashless for a number of reasons. Not carrying cash around makes one feel more secure, and you don’t have to worry about falling short of money.

Mobile wallets allow you to make transactions easily, and with far more convenience.

Digital wallets, however, will work far better with digital currencies as they have a lot of overlapping synergy between each other.

Current State of Bitcoin
Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies being talked about today. A lot of countries all over the world have already started making systems and plans to integrate Bitcoin into their economy.

The price of Bitcoin had doubled from $2,400 to nearly $5,000 over the last few months, but it has its complications too.

With all the advantages cryptocurrencies bring to us, there are also many hurdles we have to overcome before we get to enjoy its benefits. Because of its popularity, Bitcoin seems to be facing the brunt of it. The sudden surge in value has people worrying whether this bubble will be bursting soon or not.

However, it seems that might not be the case. It is based on blockchain, which has a lot of merits with many different factors. In fact, a lot of people see more potential in blockchain than with cryptocurrencies.

Ever since Bitcoin came into being, hundreds of similar products have also entered the market based on the same blockchain technology. Still, Bitcoin’s price has steadily shot up.

In less than a year, Bitcoin has created nearly $25 billion in terms of market value.

Prognosis for Bitcoin’s Future
With each passing day, more and more financial institutions are buying large amounts of Bitcoin, showing a general view that the cryptocurrency is on the rise. To add to its popularity and acceptance, more than 287,000 Bitcoin transactions are being done every day, according to a recent survey.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that companies all over the world are seeing great potential not just in Bitcoin, but in its blockchain technology too. They use blockchain to monetize a variety of human interactions, and even for connecting cloud services. All these projects surrounding blockchain have only resulted in increasing the interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A few believe that the 2013 Bitcoin bubble fiasco may soon occur again, but more and more people are beginning to believe that it won’t. At that time, the Bitcoin bubble burst because it was a new concept, and people were just beginning to contemplate its possibilities.
But since then, there have been many new developments in the field, with tons of long-studied hypothetical concepts slowly preparing for implementation.

Technology in itself always takes time to gain some traction. Every time there is a radical change in the way we do things, there is always a phase of hyper-expectations and issues of acceptance. But with time, the perception changes and slowly what was only thought to be possible becomes the norm.

Will the unpredictable nature of our world usher in a new age where Bitcoins become our new currency, or will it fall only to be soon forgotten? One can find plausible arguments on both sides of the debate.

One factor that all experts do agree on is that everyone should expect extreme volatility in the Bitcoin price to come.

Another reason for the slow, but intensifying doubt in Bitcoin is due to the emergence of Ethereum. While Bitcoin has limited purpose currently for commercial transactions, blockchain and Ethereum have incredible infrastructure applications.

There’s even an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance involving a wide range of powerful entities such as BP, Microsoft, Intel and J.P. Morgan.

This is an exciting time to live for sure, because the future is literally being built around us in real time. And we can witness it with just a click of a button, a few taps on a keyboard or a swipe on a touch screen.
But as far as knowing how everything will turn out, especially with Bitcoin, only time will tell.

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