How many times have you felt tired after going to the mall or visiting someone in the hospital? Or perhaps you have felt angry, sad or confused after being around family or having talks with a friend going through something difficult. These feelings are the result of “blending” your energy with others. Connecting in this way can create a disturbance in your energy if you don’t have the proper tools.


Many of you have been experiencing what is called “blending” with others energy in the last week. In the world of mediumship, we use this tool to turn on our connection to others. When you blend, you activate your psychic senses of hearing, seeing, feeling even smelling and knowing to receive information. When you are new to this ability or it is just turning on without your knowledge, you can often feel strong waves of emotions. And many times, you will experience emotions that are not even yours and start to believe that they are yours.


As humans, we are always looking to connect. But usually, we end up connecting through our relationships (because we have forgotten our connection to Source). Picture cords going out from you to your closest family and friends. Also, picture their cords coming into you. We blend our energies in this way because we want to help and learn through our relationships. While this is one way to expand and learn, it is not the only way. And think about it this way, when you blend to learn, you receive the good along with the bad. You will pick up guidance, experiences and knowledge, but you will also absorb bad habits, thoughts and emotion. And unless you are aware of when something is not yours, then you could feel very disturbed by all these additional feelings and thoughts.


1. Have you suddenly started a bad habit… Smoking? Drinking? If you are blending with someone energetically, they could very well be trying to help you, but you might also be picking up everyday things they do, such as smoking or drinking or anything else for that matter. Ask yourself, is this normal for me, or is this a new “habit”?
2. Are you suddenly angry after being around someone? We often connect strongly with those we are closest to. If your child is suddenly acting out and then you feel a surge of emotion, you are not only blending, but now you could possibly start bouncing this energy around the entire family.
3. Feeling worried, anxious or in fear? Fear is transmitted and bounced around very easily from one family member or friend to another. Ask yourself, whose fear are you feeling?
4. Are you suddenly thinking about someone all the time? Often when we have cords connecting to others, our thoughts sync up with theirs. This can sometimes be playful and fun, but it’s important to check in and ask if these thoughts are your own. Be discerning with decisions when you suspect you are picking up someone else’s thoughts.
5. Do you have a symptom similar to someone close to you? When you blend energy, often you will notice similar physical, mental and emotional symptoms show up in your own body.


You can learn to blend your energy responsibly. Basically, what this means is you become aware of when you are turning your connection on and off. Clearing yourself once you are done blending with another’s energy field is essential. It’s important to be discerning with your own energy, to protect it, keep it generally peaceful, and know your limits or boundaries.

Here is a simple meditation to help you feel into your own energy and to clear it at will. Focus on your breath for a few moments. Place your attention on your body and become aware of any “heavy” energy in your body. This could be felt as pain, aches, sadness, etc. As you focus on this part of the body, continue breathing deeply and as you breathe in, say the word “happy” in your mind. As you breathe out, say the word “release.” Relax completely. Now, focus in on your heart space. Feel the energy bubble up in your heart as you connect to Source. Anytime you ask for guidance, make sure it is from this place. Once you feel peace and calm, then your connection to Source is complete. Connection to source is a more pure connection and also has great benefits.


1. When you connect to Source, you will feel your path more easily. You will just know who you are and what you are here to do.
2. You will be led to do things important for your path, as opposed to doing things according to the labels of society.
3. You will feel more confident about your path when connected directly to Source. When you connect to others or the outside world, you can often be influenced to “live” or make your decisions for them.
4. Your answers come in the present moment more easily. When you are connecting or blending with others, you will feel indecisive and confused.
5. You will feel calm, peaceful and relaxed more often. As we discussed earlier, connecting to others will often spin your energy out of control very quickly.

Blending for mediumship is an exercise that can be done to connect to loved ones to discover messages or information that can help you on your path. It’s best to learn how to blend with the supervision of a mentor or teacher. As you learn to turn your connection on and off and you can tell the difference between what is your energy and what is theirs, then you will find blending to be an amazing tool.

Much love on your journey as you connect!

Author's Bio: 

Amanda Gatlin is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (meaning that she can see, hear and feel the presence of spirits as well as get a sense of their personalities, emotions and physical attributes). Her unique gifts have provided comfort and closure for people all over the world. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Southern California.