Earning an internet income by blogging takes a lot more than simply creating content and posting updates to your site! The fact is blogs only serve a 'partial role' in helping you earn an income and that ultimately it's up to you to introduce effective marketing and sales strategies to actually make money! The role a blog does play however is a significant one that helps 'set the stage' for you to earn an income and here are 3 ways it accomplishes just that!

Gathers Attention

Typically most blogs are built to focus on a particular topic or niche and to attract like-minded others who have an interest in the same topic! These sites are structured much in the same way as online forums where they invite visitor participation and feedback! The main objective of most bloggers is creating content that is relevant to the topic or niche and that will attract readers! In this way these platforms are able to gain the attention of people with an interest in the subject matter! For anyone wanting to earn an income on the internet this is a wonderful yet subtle way to generate traffic!

Develop Loyalty

The traffic you generate or the attention you gain is done so by being consistent in terms of creating content. Now the consistency referred to here is twofold one being maintaining a relevance to the topic of your blog. The other important aspect of your consistency pertains to the frequency and/or schedule with which you update your site! People simply want to know that when they return there will be something new and interesting to view. Along these same lines if your schedule is consistent your readers will have the comfort of knowing when they can expect to see your platform updated! Remember, the more visitors return to your platform the deeper their loyalty tends to be and once this begins to occur is when you can start introducing various marketing and sales strategies! In this way your blog 'offers' you the opportunity to earn an income but it will not implement the strategies for you! This is an area where you'll have to rely upon your own efforts, creativity and patience!

Build Relationships

One other things blogs allow you to do which is crucial in terms of online business success is to build relationships with people. Allowing visitors to leave comments, opinions, suggestions or otherwise contribute gives everybody a voice. This also opens the door to interaction and the exchange of ideas which help break down barriers, open communication channels and develop relationships! This is invaluable in terms of increasing the effectiveness of any marketing and sales strategies you do introduce on the site!

Earning an internet income with a blog involves much more that simply creating content for the site itself! Now that's not to say keeping your site properly maintained is not important it's just that blogs do not earn an income for you but rather they only play a role in your doing so! It is entirely up to you to implement the right marketing and sales strategies most appropriate for your site to actually make any money! Our discussion above focuses on the role blogs do play for anyone wanting to earn an income and how they actually set the stage for you to do so! The purpose of this discussion is to put to rest the myth many hold onto that by simply blogging you can enjoy a lucrative internet lifestyle! The fact is these platforms work wonderfully in terms of serving as online business platforms! However it is up to the blogger to make proper use of certain marketing and sales strategies for any money to be made!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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