The competition for getting selected in college, Job and industry increase with the rapid increase in globalization. Students are being enrolled in numerous tuitions and coaching institutes to prepare them for competitive exams and the professions they wish to pursue. Excess amount of tuitions and extra classes are causing stress in children due to which they lose interest in studies and become demotivated.

On the one hand, the colleges' pressure for a high percentage of marks creates pressure on students, and on the other side, the pressure from parents to follow specific professions creates confusion in the children's minds. Soon, due to high pressure and lack of awareness, they stick to parents' choice rather than pursuing courses that are of their interest.

However, with proper guidance, the right path for the student can be set. Boarding schools are the ideal option for parents who want their children to study in other states and countries to excel in their future. The mentors in Boarding schools take complete care of the student's educational and mental health. International boarding schools' education pattern is entirely different as they teach their students to form a holistic point of view rather than sticking to the syllabus.

The boarding schools such as International schools in Delhi NCR take utmost care while designing the curriculum from the international arena's point of view. Chapters are included in the syllabus to provide a broad education that covers the basic and essential concepts. The curriculum is designed to protect both the theory and practical applications of the images from imbibing it quickly in students' minds.

Below are some other ways that brief out the holistic approach of Boarding schools-

Innovation in students: When most schools stress students to memorize the information and stick to the same syllabus, the boarding schools offer something different. The concept of "Memorizing" is replaced with "understanding" the images and then interpreting them in their own words. This process creates thinking capacity in students, and they start understanding the cause and effect relationship. The boarding school helps the students find their personality rather than following the herd and remaining a copy of others, so each student is taught to create things and innovate ideas rather than sticking to the old school concepts.

Various brainstorming sessions are held to create a sense of innovation in students to solve their problems on their own through critical thinking. Each student is taught to think and perform activities creatively by using innovation.

All-round improvement: Instead of focusing on education as the primary resource, boarding schools teach students from a broader aspect. The skills and knowledge of the students are continuously updated according to the demands and changing trends. Inculcating passion is one of the most significant factors which is often left untouched. But in the boarding schools, the student's interests are noted down and turned into a passion. The passion is soon given the shape of the profession. Because boarding schools believe that when passion is connected to the Job, the chances of succeeding in life increases. And, with this ideology, boarding schools are continually developing year after year.

Holistic teaching methodology: Students are asked to join various groups relating to arts, dance, theatre, swimming, literature etc. Select courses are arranged to study the basics of the additional subjects that the student might be interested in. This is done to create awareness of different options, which the student has to adapt as a hobby or even a profession if one likes it.

Sometimes, the Boarding school in Delhi NCR arrange seminars from industry experts to clear the doubts students have regarding the profession they wish to pursue. To conclude, the boarding schools try every possible way to provide the all-round need and want satisfaction platform to the students.

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