When it comes to inspiring bedroom accent wall ideas, there are plenty of options to transform your space into an oasis. Painting accent walls is a great way to make your living room appear bigger and brighter. A bedroom accent wall highlighted with vibrant paint coats can make a bold style statement and lift the overall mood of your space. 

Here are some inspiring accent wall decor ideas that can intriguingly blend with your existing bedroom decor and leave a lasting impression on your space. 

Diamond Shaped Accent Wall with Textures Crafted to Perfection

Textured walls are the ‘in-thing’ of 2020 as they add character and offer a style statement to your living room. Textures are a great way to add a new dimension to a room and enhance the visual aesthetics of a space. There are plenty of ways to customise the textures and incorporate them into your bedroom accent wall. Diamond pattern accent wall is an ideal way to get dramatic walls and showcase your creativity and sense of style.

Brick Accent Wall Decor to Lift the Mood of Your Bedroom

Exposing brick is the best way to achieve the rustic-style bedroom and set the tone of your space right. For headboard bedroom walls, brick accent walls can offer a vintage touch and regardless of whether your brick is faux or real, it can turn your bedroom into an oasis. There are multiple ways to incorporate a brick accent wall. To implement the best design, you can hire professional residential painters in Melbourne who can provide you with a range of options from faux panelling, real brick to any other 3D brick wallpapers to get the desired look.

Wood Accent Wall Adds Warmth and Class to Your Bedroom

Wood walls are a timeless choice as they add warmth and class to your space and boost the curb appeal of your property. There are plenty of ways to incorporate wood accent walls. From plank walls, pallets to peel and remove materials, wood walls are a great way to make your bedroom inviting. If your bedroom features a giant-sized accent wall and you are in a frantic search for some inspiring wall decor ideas, incorporating a wood accent wall by professional house painters in Melbourne can be a good choice without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hexagon Accent Walls are Ideal for Your Teen’s Rooms

If your teen is fond of creative wall patterns, then vibrant hexagon accent walls are an ideal way to make a bold statement for your teen’s room. Hexagon designs add character to walls and brighten up the space. Incorporating mix and match geometric patterns and highlighting hexagons patterns with whimsical colours are a fun way to imbibe style especially for your teen’s bedroom. Add a feature wall for your teen’s room and wrap the bed frame with aesthetically pleasing accent walls to draw more interest.

Try out these inspiring accent wall design ideas and raise the curb appeal of your space. If you find this post interesting and helpful, don’t forget to share with your friends and relatives.

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