Do you have wrinkles that make you feel old and give you low self-esteem? It would help if you worried no more as advancement in technology has led to discovering ways to do away with wrinkles. Specialists for Botox in McDonough at Ideal MedSpas can offer Botox treatment to give your skin a smoother look. Botox is currently the leading plastic surgery treatment in America in treating wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet, and lines between your eyebrows.

How does Botox work?

Botox works on the nerves by disrupting nerve signals that cause muscle contraction. Muscles contract when the nerves release a chemical called acetylcholine at the nerve endings, where it meets with muscle cells. When you are injected with Botox, it impedes acetylcholine release, thus stopping the muscles from contracting.

Am I the right candidate for Botox?

No matter how much you try to deal with your wrinkles or lines in your face, not everyone is an ideal candidate for Botox. Some skin specifications, medications, and particular situations that may not make you the right candidate for Botox include:

  • Deep scars in the face
  • Diabetes
  • Some neuromuscular disorders
  • Blepharoptosis
  • Problem with the targeted facial muscle
  • Skin problems around the targeted areas.

It would help if you talked to your doctor about your conditions, medical history, and any drug supplements you are taking before the procedure. To be considered the right candidate for this procedure, you should have generally healthy skin and be an adult of over 18 years of age, good overall health, and not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is there anything I should avoid after Botox?

After the procedures, there are precautions you should undertake to achieve satisfactory results. They include:

Avoid alcohol: Before undergoing the procedure, your doctor may ask you to stop taking alcohol because it causes bruising.

Avoid sunlight: After the procedure, it is recommended that you avoid sunlight for at least two days. Sunlight increases blood pressure and may lead to bruising.

Avoid touching your face: Touching your face promotes the spreading of toxins. It is recommended that you avoid touching the face for three days.

Avoid any other skincare procedures like facials, massages, scrubs, and dermal fillers.

Avoid sleeping on the area: Try not to sleep on the face to avoid putting pressure on the treated area. This will also allow the Botox to settle in your muscles.

Is Botox a safe treatment?

Botox is a safe treatment procedure and approved by FDA. It can be used to address various conditions such as migraines. Before undergoing the procedure, your doctor will consider some factors so that you get satisfactory results. Side effects rarely occur, and if they do, they are minimal.

You should note that the level of healing after undergoing the procedure varies depending on the people. Some people can respond quicker than others. Also, some may get minimal results. It is essential to discuss with your doctor what you expect from the procedure. Deciding whether to have Botox is a personal choice, but speak to your doctor first if you decide to go ahead with treatment. Tell them why you need it and what your expectations are. Your doctor will identify the proper treatment based on your expectations that will yield satisfactory outcomes.

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