We are living in the era of mobile revolution, where businesses are trying hard to retain customers and earn maximum profit. In such a scenario using the services of bulk SMS provider can prove to be very fruitful. Often we get confused that which bulk SMS service provider should be undertaken to derive maximum benefit. Bulk SMS business is growing tremendously and is expected to reach great heights in the near future. So using the services of a bulk SMS company for promotion is a good option.
Before selecting a bulk SMS provider make sure that it meets all your expectations. Don’t just go by the name instead believe in your own experience. The best bulk SMS service provider not only will have affordable pricing but it will surely have some extraordinary features which differentiate it from the rest.
There is lot of factors to be considered before choosing bulk SMS Bulk SMS Service.

High Delivery Rates:-
Choose company has framed a unique presence with 96% SMS Delivery providing customized text solutions by incorporating diversified components in making an SMS communication happen. The Marketers can benefit through varied verticals of Bulk services like Bulk SMS, Long Code, Short URL, and Excel Plug-in with well-framed API integrations, multiple operator connectivity and an intelligently furnished Bulk SMS gateway technology enhancing high SMS deliverability.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics:-
Select a company which provides Real-Time Reports and Analytics directly redeemed from Operator which gets updated in real time in the application based on DLR status (Dynamic Language Runtime) and so the marketers can track their delivery status of each and every SMS that is sent through our UI. For Promotional accounts, we ensure that all the DND numbers are waved off from the contact lists automatically.

Easy SMS API for integration:-
API is always the main factor for any online or e-commerce business. So make sure it has all SMS functionality such as easy integration, fetch deliver reports, customized SMS formats and many more. Also ask your provider for API documentation which contains sample coding of main programming languages such as Java, Php, Dotnet etc. Standard service provider API’s are easy to understand and integrate into your app/software. Also such API’s are free to use which reduces the effort and time also.

Data Security:
Significantly, Data Security plays a major key role in any type of business. We take our clientele data privacy and security measures seriously and enforce them at any cost minimizing risk factor on all levels.


We are transparent with the prices and there are no differentiating charges with customers. As our application is loaded with wide varied features and those which apply to your business or used alone are charged.

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Dove Soft Pvt Ltd is a leading Bulk SMS company based in Mumbai, India with offices across different locations in India & UAE. The company provides its services through most reliable Bulk SMS gateways, unmatched SMS delivery rate, blazing fast service & flexible Bulk SMS packages. When it comes to Bulk SMS, Dove Soft has invested heavily into technology & infrastructure, thereby providing the best-in-class bulk SMS marketing services.