As we all know, a reseller is primarily involved in buying products from the distributor and then sell them at significantly higher prices to the end customers. The profit margins for resellers in day-to-day transactions is usually low. Gone are the days when resellers used to stock products that are purchased from the distributor.
In most cases, today resellers do not carry any inventory, nor do they package and ship products to their customers. The entire order fulfilment process is handled by the IT products VARs distributors.

All you have to do is pass the order to the distributor, who handles the rest of the process. This business model is referred to as dropshipping and commonly used worldwide by various resellers. It helps to significantly minimize the startup cost as you don’t have to manage inventory anymore.

When selecting a distributor to start your reseller business, it is important to check whether he is offering business distribution software. These software tools are designed to streamline the process of product distribution. Simply put, it automates the process of distributing products.

Being a reseller, you don’t want to spend in manually uploading the distributor catalog onto your site. This is a very time taking the process as it involves adding the products in an Excel sheet, in the right format and then uploading it on to your site. Just imagine, if you are connected to digitek and the Digitek distributor catalog has over a million products. Now, are you going to spend time adding those products in an Excel sheet? This is certainly not what you are looking for A better option is to go for a distributor that offers Business distribution software.

The tool completely eliminates the manual process associated with catalog uploading. You can easily import product data from the distributor without any manual intervention. This will allow you to automatically sync your distributor’s inventory to your site.

With Business distribution software, you don’t have to worry about incorrect prices or quantity amounts. So if you don’t want to manually update inventory data, make sure to choose a distributor that is offering this tool. You get complete visibility of your distributor products from your e-commerce backend. Whenever the distributor makes changes to product data, it is automatically reflected in your e-commerce backend and on the store.

Say, you are connected to Tech Data distributor for doing business transactions. Now, you can easily import the distributor’s product catalog into your site using this software tool. Moreover, you get accurate up-to-date information about products at all times. Product information available at backend can be used to create quotes. Since the distributor’s product catalog is available at the backend, you can pick any product from the catalog and add it to your quote.

On the whole, if you are using Ingram Micro distributors for business transactions and want to streamline your operations, make sure to use this business management tool. From small to large resellers, you will see the usage of this distribution software in various industries.

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Arnaldo is an American writer for various digital news publications. After being in the e-commerce industry for more than 15 years, Arnaldo has a good understanding of what it takes to make an e-commerce business successful.