Business texting which is also known as landline texting and text to landline is modern day texting solutions for businesses. The service providers text enable the landline, toll free and / or VoIP numbers of the restaurant. Once the number is text-enable it can be used for 2-way text messaging (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS). Almost all organizations and industry verticals are taking benefit of this solution and restaurants are one of the most benefited organizations.

The restaurants can use the business texting really effectively in their routine operations. Let me share the top use cases and benefits of the landline texting for restaurants:

1. To take orders

The restaurants can use ITR (Interactive Text Response) system which is a text version of the IVR system. The customers can text to choose the lunch they want to order or book the table, they would like to on their preferred date and time. This is really convenient for customers as they might be in office or college or some other situation when they can’t call or there are some customers who don’t like to make calls so these types of customers can simply text and interact with the IVR to book a meal or a table.

2. Send reminders and acknowledgement

If someone has booked a table or a meal, it would be great to send them reminders before 30 minutes or so to assure they don’t forget to visit the restaurant to be at home to receive the food parcel. You can also send acknowledgment messages from the customers so they can have a sense of being valued.

3. Take feedback privately

Today the digital media to share feedback is widely in use, especially, negative feedback. The business texting gives a window to pacify these angry customers. You can collect anonymous feedback by using business texting. You can try to calm down the angry customers before they hit the social media or other review sites. This will help in reputation management.

4. Send Dish of the day or Deal of the day

Sending some engaging message can be really helpful for any business and restaurants have many opportunities to increase their business by using the business texting. Send the MMS of the special dish or and an SMS of some alluring deal can help you get more customers for your business.

5. Send offers, deals and coupons

The restaurants can give some amazing deals with an exclusive one time code via SMS to its loyal customers. This will help in increasing customers and business.

The benefit of business texting is the customers of the restaurants don’t need to download or use any special app. They are just supposed to send an SMS like a normal SMS using their native messaging app to your restaurant’s landline number. They also don’t need an internet connection. It is easy and convenient.

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