Business success is defined by many factors and the positive brand name of the company can be defined with even more factors. One of the most important aspects which affect the brand name positively or negatively is the way employees of the company behave and talk with the customers and anyone who calls in. The way the employees deal with the customers is commonly referred as the code of conduct. It is very important they stay polite and positive during the conversation otherwise it can negatively affect the business. Many business owners and management teams are conscious about this fact and that is why almost each as such company puts some amount of budget in the professional training. Still, the managers are not really sure how their team members are responding to the calls. They have to make sure that the investment in the training is giving any return at all or not. The businesses can use various tools to assure this, and one of the most effective ones is the call center software.

There are some really advanced call center solutions available these days; in fact, the market is getting taken over by the intelligent call center software nowadays, which help businesses in multiple ways to make sure their staff members are using the best code of conduct during the call.

There are some features available in almost all call center solutions and there are some specialized features available only in the intelligent call center software to achieve this goal of the company to deliver the best customer experience on the call. The simple reason is, the code of conduct gets even more important on the call because one cannot see the customer and his experience of joy or frustration.

The standard features available in the call center software such as, barge-in, lets managers listen to the calls without notifying the executive. This practice can be used to occasionally give a check on each employee to see how they are behaving with the customer. If someone is missing the correct etiquette during the conversation, the manager can also use the feature of the call center solution, namely, Whisper to guide him on how to have an effective and positive conversation with the customer without the knowledge of the customer. The standard call center solutions also provide call recording and listening facility so one can listen to the conversations to check for the quality of communication.

The intelligent call center software comes with even advanced features to assure the best quality of communication. For example, the live call dashboards and barge-in facility helps in saving time and listening to the calls which looks suspicious. For example, a too longer call than usual can be a sign of something going wrong. The manager can get to know about it from the live call dashboard and then barge-in or whisper in that call to fix the issue.

These are the top ways of assuring the best quality of conversation during the call. The intelligent call center software can help in many other ways with its wide range of features.

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