To make the entire campus digital, you have the internet lease line that serves the internet needs for your management, students as well as other administrative tasks. Still, many operations 'can't be done until you bring the students and administration on a single platform. Having a campus app is the solution to all these hurdles. The campus app gives you a single platform where you can connect your students and provide all the required details/information beneficial for their future. Ex Libris Campus Mobile App is one of the best campus mobile apps that you should prefer for your campus.

What are the benefits of this app?

Device Friendly: The app is build to work on every gadget that you use in your college premises. Whether you want to use the app on a smartphone or a laptop, it will provide you a seamless experience. The app is built for Apple as well as Android smartphones that you can install for versatile uses.

Wide Range of Services: The Campus app is made to serve maximum possible applications to the students, alumni, and management team. There is a Student information system, learning management system, and various other platforms that you can easily integrate with this app, making it more flexible and functional for the entire staff and students.

Different Profiles for Different Users: The same app will be used to create different profiles, filtering the services and facilities to each one, depending upon their profile and permissions. It also has the facility to serve the students, on-campus as well as off-campus, adding a broader scope to the users. The app offering distinct profile makes it better to sort the required permissions and faculties as needed by them.

Enterprise Level Analytics: The Campus app comes with the analytics that gives you a broader scope of how the app is working and how the users are accessing it. You also have the custom reports option that allows you to make your reports based on the metric and dimensions provided in the application. This helps you analyze the student's keenness towards your app and the services you are offering.

Seamless Administration: The administration platform gives you a seamless interface to handle all the services, notifications, new facility integration, and more. You can also manage the roles and permissions according to your requirement in a hassle-free mode. The app-builder gives you a preview of your app for different devices, making it more feasible for the users to interact.

There are multiple benefits of using a Campus app. Some of them are:

Better Connectivity with Students: A single app helps you share the complete information to the students without any issue. A single push notification will do your notification task, without putting a hard copy on the notice board.

Serve the Alumni: After pass out, the alumni students look for some services that are not available outside the college. The campus app will help them to get these services and stay connected with the college after pass out.

So, it’s time to bring a new change in your college premises and introduce the campus mobile app to bring the entire beings together.

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