While thinking of a board of advisors, you might assume that it is an organization that holds very little accountability in large corporations. A board of advisors is an important part of a business corporation responsible for developing ideas on new business models. A board of advisors involves a team of businessmen who look after the positive aspects of a business; they provide professional advice on the problems faced by the business so that the employees adopt various marketing tactics to grow the status of the business entity. The experts in the team conduct a proper analysis of the subject matter, and in exchange for guidance, they charge a small fee after every business meeting. The CEO advisor try to add the highest valuation to your company, which is why each member of the board is recruited based on their skills and degree of experience.

While a board of advisors consist of highly-qualified and prominent personalities, small business companies either have a board of advisors or a board of directors. Large-scale business organizations have a board of directors and a CEO advisory group to improve the company's valuation. A board of advisors is an influential body, just like a board of directors. However, its purpose and ways of dealing with the company's affairs vary from other boards or committees. The members of the advisory group CEO are mainly involved in planning new strategies rather than decision-making in a business. Unlike a board of directors, they do not have the authority to vote during major decision-making. They can only participate in the meeting to present their outlook on different projects; the rest of the decisions depend on the leaders and the board of directors.

Many young entrepreneurs still have doubts on introducing a board of advisors for their small business companies. As a CEO or founder of a CEO organizations, this hesitation comes from the fear of losing money or going overboard in the business. However, the truth is the opposite of it. An advisory board helps in the growth of business in large as well as small companies. Taking their support in small businesses can effectively increase a company's worth and might even lead to remarkable achievement. Establishing a board of advisors is necessary for every company CEO for the following reasons.

• Solve business problems- A new business will always face many shortcomings and challenges before becoming successful. A board of advisors will support your CEO throughout this venture of running a business. They will function as a powerhouse of new ideas that greatly benefit your company.

• Attract investors and clients- Members of board of advisors include intellectuals who are always on the go to give business solutions during meetings and CEO training programs. They help the CEO and employees to represent business models innovatively to maximize the chances of investment in their start-up and enlarge their business empire.

• Constant guidance from intellectuals- While a CEO is considered accountable for most of the decision-making, he or she cannot alone decide everything on the business management system. A board of advisors will act as a counselor to your CEO and will assist them in passing judgment on all subject matters related to finance.

• Expand business with less expense- A board of advisors is not highly paid as a board of directors. A board of advisors barely charges any fees or allowances. They take minimum compensation per board meeting as payment for suggesting positive changes in the company.

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