How Can A Guy Make His Penis Grow Bigger, Thicker, And Longer: Massive Penis Enlargement

Having a huge penis is every man's dream. A big penile size can make someone really confident in bed and perform better during sex. It is a fact that in today's very sophisticated world, the penis size is one of the things that women are looking for in a man. The penis is the ultimate tool that can give women the best sexual experience in their lives. This is why I always strive to find ways on how to make my penis bigger.

To get a bigger penis is very important in saving the relationship of a couple. There are already millions of cases around the world wherein the couple would break up due to the consistent unsatisfactory sexual performance of men in bed. This is all because of the small size penises that they have.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Every man should find ways to get a huge penis size so that they can be a fun and exciting partner in bed. Aside the size of the penis, men should also have the stamina and the endurance to have a longer erection and should have control over the time of ejaculation so that both he and his partner can have a more pleasurable sexual event.

In the aim of getting a bigger size for the penis, men should always remember that it is all about the blood flow. Proper blood flow towards the male's genitals is vital to jumpstart the process of penis enlargement. There are several penile exercises that can be done so that men can increase the thickness and the length of their penises. These exercises promote proper blood flow that will not only increase penile measurements but will also make erections to last longer.

Creams and penis pumps are also very effective in increasing blood flow towards the penis. This can be another option the increase the size of the penis so as to allow men to increase friction as the penis is shoved down to the woman's vagina. As this happens, orgasm and sexual ecstasy can be achieved making every sexual intercourse worth remembering for the rest of the couples lives.

Supplements are pills can be other great options for penis size enhancements. These products are very effective since it do not only increases the size of the male sex organ but it also works to provide men with more stamina and horsepower to have harder and longer erections that most women are craving for. These are just some of the options that I see very effective on how to make my penis bigger so that women will be begging for me to have sex with them.

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There are two groups of techniques applied to the process of exercising the penis. One group is to enlarge the member while the other group adopts techniques to improve the sexual performance of the manhood. For a man looking to naturally add excitement to his sex life, a combination of both groups of exercises will add both size and performance. A larger penis also results in more self confidence. As a result, one can experience a boost in overall health and wellness.

While exercising provides performance benefits and size, they are also very popular for their safety as they are completely natural. Exercises when followed properly are not only safe but in fact actually improve the health of the penis by promoting good blood flow circulation, the determining factor in both size and performance. Therefore, scores of people out there resort to penis enlargement exercises these days. Unlike the past, people are becoming more and more aware of the natural means to improve one's penis size. So, let's have a look at some penis enlargement exercises that can be performed within the comforts of one's house with complete privacy.

The following Penis Enlargement Exercises help one achieve gains in length.

Wet Milking - Warm up and lubricate your penis. Get a 50%-60% erection. Make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and firmly grip the penis at the base of the shaft with your palm facing out. Move the grip as if you were milking the penis until you reach below the head. Alternate with the other hand. Repetitions to be done are dependent on which stage of enlargement you are in although beginners will be required to do this about 75 times for each hand. There are many more advanced workouts to increase length although they are NOT to be used in the initial period when exercises only like the one just mentioned above should be used.

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Penis Exercises for strengthening.

Erection Strengthening - This exercise will need you to use the PC muscle (This is the muscle that you can find by trying to stop the flow of urine half way, the muscle that you contract to stop the urine flow is the PC muscle). Once you have figured out how to control the PC muscle, you should start strengthening penis erections by performing multiple contractions of the PC muscle. Beginners can probably do only 3 sets of 25 contractions to start with and then work their way up to larger repetitions and more advanced exercises.

The strength and size of the penis gradually increase over a period of about eight weeks although the gains and strength achieved remain for life. One of the most important factors involved in getting good results from an exercise program is the discipline with which a program is followed. It's important to make sure that you don't push yourself too hard. Results will show off but it will take some time. So, there is no point being impatient. With some degree of patience and dedication, one can expect significant results over a period of time. It might not happen as quickly as you want but that doesn't mean that you should give up. As long as you are following the right technique, you are good to go and continue for months till you achieve satisfactory outcome.

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This is something that every man attempts at some point of his life. Men check down there to compare how well they fare against the average penis. It is a common consensus that the average member is 6 inches in length and about 5 inches in girth or thickness. Whatever may be the reason to measure your penis, you have to know how to do it right to get an accurate reading.

For starters, it is always better to use a cloth or roll up tape measure as opposed to a ruler. A penis is rarely straight and a ruler is not a great tool to ascertain the length of a curved shaft. It is also impossible to measure girth with a ruler for obvious reasons.

For length

1. Massage yourself into an erection. Use proper lubrication to massage the penis as it is most stimulated when properly lubricated.

2. Take the tape measure and very gently press against the pubic bone. If you are causing your skin to press in, you are trying to cheat.

3. Now use your free hand to firmly anchor the tape measure at the bottom of the penis and then stretch out the tape along the length of your shaft.

4. Run it to just after the top of your penis head and pinch the spot where it ends to get an accurate reading.

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For girth

1. While having an erection, wrap the tape measure around the middle of your penis.

2. Make sure there is no slack when it wraps around. It should also not be too tight and press into the skin.

3. Most people try to measure girth around the base of the penis where it is thickest. This would not make an ideal comparison to the average figures that are based on measurements around the middle of the penis.

It is completely alright for a man to measure his penis to see where he stands in comparison with the average. Just like one is proud of big biceps, it is also natural for a man to want to be better endowed. Though a woman will never bluntly say that she prefers a big penis, she will definitely appreciate a thicker and longer manhood much better than an average one.

There are several methods to enlarge the penis although there is only one method to permanently and naturally enlarge it by means of safe, daily exercises. Exercising the penis for about 6-8 minutes a day, five times a week for 7-8 weeks can result in a larger and better functioning penis.

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Desperate for a way to increase the size of your penis? Don't easily get lured into spending hundreds of dollars on some male enhancement product. Not because they do not work at all - rather, you can easily gain manhood size just by making use of your hands! How? Simply by exercising your male organ with your hands, you can achieve a significant increase in size to your penis... within several weeks!

This is how it works: within your male organ, there is a pair of spongy tissue-like chambers which fills up with blood and expand and give your penis its larger size when it gets erected. So naturally, to get a bigger sized manhood, you would first have to increase the capacity of these chambers to allow more blood inside them, AND get more blood to flow to your organ and into the chambers.

Exercising does just that! Doing exercises on your penis stretches the chambers and gradually enlarges them. The exercises, at the same time, also promotes a better flow of blood, increasing the amount of blood going into these chambers and expanding them to a greater size. Regularly doing the exercises will naturally increase the size of your penis bit by bit, until it eventually reaches a more desirable and sexually functional size.

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But there are several other benefits you get out of regularly exercising your penis!

Makes your penis stronger - Without a doubt, exercising helps to enhance the strength of your male organ. The exercising actions improve the blood circulation to your organ. As a result, you will observe a significant improvement in your penis's ability to achieve a harder state of erection, and keep itself erected for much longer than you could before.

Straightens your penis curvature - Another benefit from doing exercises to your manhood is that the stretching routines involved also gradually ensures the straightness of your penile body. This is achieved by straightening the blood chambers mentioned earlier on. Over time, the exercises will result in your manhood looking far more masculine when erected.

It is clear to see why you should start exercising your penis. Besides being able to significantly increase the size of your penis, doing exercises regularly will ensure you of a far more healthier and sexually fitter manhood within a few short weeks from now, which would keep your woman (or any, for that matter) satisfied in bed for years to come!

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