There are techniques by which a male can avoid early ejaculation and can last longer in bed. It is a well known fact that males are aggressive in their behavior in bed and hence they get excited too early and sometimes this over excitement can push them to ejaculate too early. Beyond a certain point it is almost impossible for a male to delay his ejaculation but before reaching at that point one can control his discharge by mastering few effective techniques and applying them during lovemaking activity.

Exercising PC muscles is a trusted technique and suggested by many experts to gain control over ejaculation and avoid early climax. PC muscles are responsible for controlling out flow of semen through penile shaft, if a male can learn to squeeze these muscles then very easily he can increase his duration substantially and can avoid early ejaculation. In order to gain control over PC muscles one can practice by imitating the movement of muscles which one requires to do to stop stream of urine in between. One can practice similar muscular movement while standing or sitting during the day in sessions to gain control over PC muscles. During lovemaking activity when a male feels that he is about to reach the point of ejaculation squeezing PC muscles for few moments avoids early ejaculation and allows a male to continue the activity for few more minutes. This technique is safe and easy to use and does not reduce fun and joy of the activity at all.

Breaking focus is another technique which lots of males apply to avoid early ejaculation. This is done by stopping the rhythm in between for few moments as soon as a male feels like ejaculating, some males utilize this technique by just slowing down and shift their focus on to something related to work, office or daily routine. This break in the focus for few moments can calm down the surging seminal fluids and excitement to delay ejaculation for few more minutes and avoid early ejaculation. This technique shall be applied with care as stopping for more time than required can reduce erection and may even irritate the partner but if one can master it properly then it is a perfect way to avoid early ejaculation.

Longer foreplay is also an effective way to avoid too early ejaculation. Women like longer duration of foreplay and males providing this pleasure for sufficient duration manage to take the excitement level of their female partner at higher level than their own. Starting the activity after this provides a male with better control over himself and does not let him ejaculate too early or before satisfying his female partner. Erotic conversation during the activity allow a male to calm his excitement for a moment to avoid too early ejaculation without disturbing the intensity and pleasure of the activity, such conversations are very pleasing to females and increase their excitement. Prefer position and place which is more exciting to females like woman on top position. Such positions also allow a male to have more control over his excitement and avoid too early ejaculation.

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