When picturing a private detective, most people imagine a mysterious-looking individual dressed in a trench coat, always on the run, looking for clues that reveal a partner’s love affair. However, there is much more to private detectives than this romanticised image; while their job involves a bit of field work, they spend most of their time at the office, analysing documents, and catching cheating partners is just one small part of what they can do. For example, did you know that you can contact one for matters of personal and financial security?

Background checks
Knowing who someone truly is before establishing a long-term relationship with them can save you a lot of money and trouble. In love and business, you can’t always be sure that you’re not being lied to and unfortunately, trusting someone you’ve just met can cost you. A thorough background check done by a professional detective clears all doubt and gives you peace of mind in situations such as:

• Pre-marital background check: find out whether your future spouse is having an affair or has a hidden life they’re not telling you about: i.e. past marriage, gambling or drug addiction, hidden assets, debt or financial problems
• Nanny background check: make sure your children are in good hands by verifying the reliability of their future nanny
• Employee background check: a private detective can check a potential employee’s criminal background so that your company doesn’t risk financial losses or breaches of confidential data

Tracing an individual
Having someone simply disappear from your life can be devastating, leaving you feeling betrayed, worried and abandoned. Whether it’s a former spouse, a partner, employee or family member, a private detective can help you track them down, even if they moved abroad. While they cannot bring them back, at least you will know that they are safe. If possible, they can also give you their address and phone number so that you can reach out to them.

Child custody investigations
Divorces are always tough, but things can get even more complicated once children came into play, because you don’t want them to be affected by your breakup, emotionally or financially. If the court gave custody to your former spouse, but you suspect that they’re not able to properly care for your child, you shouldn’t live in doubt and risk the child’s safety. A private detective can check whether your son or daughter has everything they need and, most importantly, make sure they are not being neglected or abused.

Device bug sweeping
Technology can be used to make sure that your loved ones are safe, but it also has a darker side. In the wrong hands, a smartphone, watch or computer can be used to illegally eavesdrop, stalk or spy on you. If you suspect that your employer, spouse or someone else has bugged your devices illegally, contact a private investigator. First, they will check every device that could be bugged and, should they find something, they will sweep the device and you will have privacy once again.

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