Suzanne O'Brien awoke to an unexpected "visitor' (Angel) in her recovery room after a life saving brain surgery. Soon after, her life is filled with many "paranormal" events, as she learns to look at life and the World in a whole new way.

Are Angels for real? What can one expect after having had an “Angelic visitation”? Have you ever wondered how your life might be impacted after having such an amazing experience? Well Suzanne O’Brien knows first hand.

Of course everyone is unique, so she can not speak for everyone. However, she can give you an account of her own very personal journey after having met with a heavenly presence and she does so in her new book, “A Heavenly Presence”.

In 1997 Suzanne awoke from an 8 hour surgery to remove a brain tumor, only to have such an experience. “Complete bliss does not even come close to the feeling this being left with me”, Suzanne states. At a time that most would likely call catastrophic, she finds utter peace.

Soon after, her World seems to fall apart all around her, yet she finds hope and optimism like she had never before known. Her faith in a higher power always at work in her life only grows stronger as she witness many “unexplainable” or “miraculous” events now, as a regular part of life.

She becomes acutely aware of our human potential and our deeply Divine connection. It is this very truth that keeps her going through the darkest of times. She discovers we never really die and that after death communication is possible. She also discovers her ability for interspecies communication, as well as Spiritual, or energy healing. She comes to believe that we all have senses beyond the five physical senses; we just need to form the neural pathways to access them.

She is thrust from corporate America (having been a stockbroker) into a World full of “paranormal” happenings. She learns to relax, let go, let God, and follow her heart.

One of the greatest lessons she has learned through it all is that we are never alone. If only we pay more attention to all of the “little” things in life we would see that God/our creator is always trying to get our attention and completely, totally and unconditionally loves us all regardless of who we are or what acts we may have done in the past.

She comes to many revelations including that without the destruction of the old, a newer, more incredible life, filled with more joy, beauty and passion could not have emerged.

She learns that many of those "darkest of times" were actually Blessings in disguise.

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne OBrien, guided by an angel after a life saving brain surgery, is now a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Reconnective Healer tm, Medium/Animal Intuitive, and Artist. She teaches Energy Healing as well as offers sessions which can be done remotely. She also offers Pet Readings through photos. She aims to help others with their own healing issues and to foster closer relationships and understanding between the human and pet bond. She now runs green, Earth-friendly sites hosted on a wind powered server in alignment with the philosophy of being conscious of our impact on the environment.