If you are being assaulted, you might think of contacting the police, not a lawyer. But in reality, talking to a lawyer after being assaulted is the wisest thing to do. If you are a resident of Vancouver, then contact an assault lawyer in Vancouver and get help. However, often victims feel ashamed or restricted while filing a sexual assault case. But once you muster up the courage to proceed with the filing, the lawyer will go to extreme ends so that the assault gets punished. 


Sexual assault lawyers can help you even after years


If the assault has happened in the past and is still haunting you, talk to an assault attorney. Different rules and regulations depend on the nature of the assault. Your lawyer can help you to see that you can still press charges if years have passed after the assault.


An attorney will handle both civil and criminal cases


Sexual assault charges can be brought through both civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits. The difference between both is the person in charge of the case and the amount of proof available. 


In a civil case, the victim or their family brings a case over the abuser. The lawyer they will appoint, and the victim and their family will decide the course of action. In this case, the jury will award compensation for the damages instead of passing a verdict on whether the abuser is guilty or innocent. 


In a criminal case, the case against the victim is filed by the state, not the victim. But you have the right to choose an attorney for yourself. Instead of fighting for compensation, the lawyer in criminal cases will fight to prove the abuser guilty and make sure they face severe punishment. 


How to select an assault attorney?


You need to focus on only one fact when looking for a sexual assault attorney; that is, look for how many cases they have handled of sexual assault. See the years they have been in practice and the number of cases they have won. Determining these will help you settle for an attorney who will represent you.


End note


Apart from assault attorneys, contact a therapist as people assaulted sexually often end up having long-term PTSD. Other than the therapist, you can also join support groups. Venting out your emotion and listening to success stories will encourage you to move forward.

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