The following human rights issues are highlighted in the holy Quran for us to learn and reflect:

  • Right of Parents liable on the Child:

The holy Quran teaches you immensely about the rights that the parents have over their children and that it is the duty of the children to look after their parents. An excerpt says that once a man came to the Prophet ﷺ and sought his permission to go on for Jihad (by use of the sword). To this the Prophet ﷺ replied that the real Jihad from his side will be staying back and serving his parents with utmost love and affection! The holy Quran staunchly mentions about the emphasis of taking kind treatment towards their parents and more so when they reach their old age.

If you are finding it difficult to purchase a Quran you can easily avail a free English copy of Quran and read it to clarify your concepts on the matters on divorce. At times when you cannot attain marital harmony then it is best to separate from each other but with kindness. The Quran mentions in surah Baqarah (2:231). “if you divorce women, and they reach their appointed term, hold them back in amity or let them go in amity. Do not hold them back out of malice or ill intentions. Whoever does this wrong his own soul”. Although it is also advised that the decision must not be taken by the couple but must be intervened by their family who should try and make the two parties reconcile. 

  • Upbringing of a child:

With ever increasing poverty and loss of jobs, people kill or abort their own child out of the fear of their proper upbringing. Allah (SWT) has granted great rights to the children and says not to kill the child out of fear of poverty. Allah even commands not to kill the child due to poor living standards as it is He who grants the child and everyone else with provision and thus killing them is a sin! The Prophet ﷺ has said that the best gift that a father can give to his children is to give them a good upbringing. Children are supposed to be made a healthy part of the society.

  • Rights of children whose Parents are Divorced:

Islam has set rights even for those children whose parents have been divorced. It has been mentioned in surah Baqarah (2:232-234) that a divorced mother should fulfill the two years of the weaning of her child if the father desires so. Also it is the father’s responsibility that he must provide provisions for both the child as well as the mother.

  • Rights of Orphans:

If you get access to the free copies of Quran then you will be able to read about the rights given to the orphans in the holy book. The Prophet ﷺ said he who is not merciful towards children will not be counted as one of us! Furthermore he laid great emphasis on the care of daughters.

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