There are disputes regarding applicant tracking system (ATS) efficacy since they target keywords as opposed to candidate skills. Although most candidates do not enjoy their expertise when a provider employs an ATS, it helps recruiters minimize the size of their resume pool without wasting valuable energy and time as well as money.

With the latest job losses brought on by economic instability around the planet, HR recruiters as well as other specialists in the labor market face larger challenges while hiring applicants. For each job opening, they can receive hundreds or perhaps thousands of applications, and sorting through them is time-consuming.

This is the point where an Applicant Tracking System might help, by reducing the time, effort and cost necessary for screening and monitoring applicants. It has become a requirement in the present fast-paced planet, and also to streamline the module dealing with human resources within an ERP, many sellers have begun integrating an ATS into the ERP system.

1. Screening candidates

Rather reading through resumes to screen people who fit the bill, HR employees may use the candidate viewing feature of an ATS to automate this procedure. Applicants are then rated based on how well their resumes created, and people who don't fulfill certain requirements could be filtered out.

2. Integrated websites

Most recruitment software is intended to integrate with business websites or profession web pages, which simplifies the project application procedure for applicants applying online. Applicants may enter their information or upload a resume in a couple of seconds, which can help enhance candidate expertise. The site integration feature also lets you personalize online application forms, so they can capture only the information you need from applicant.

3. Resume Parsing

Together with screening software, applicant tracking systems may also parse candidate profiles automatically extracting the necessary information from their resumes. This is stuffed into particular fields from the organizations candidate database. Not only does resume parsing software spare time while hiring applicants, but also, it lowers the possibility of human error and assists with faster decision-making.

4. Job Posting

Recruiting software is meant to match the challenges faced by HR and recruitment at every stage of the hiring process. This starts right from job advertisements, with features that allow recruiters to post ads on various job boards, social networking sites and their company's careers page.

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