Affected by global economic uncertainties, the whole B2B industry in China is experiencing profit shrinking and revenue decrease, the number of customers who quit B2B websites has increased.

Some B2B e-business companies have laid off some staff to cut down business operation cost.

During the "two sessions" in 2012, Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce has pointed out that China e-commerce trade volume has reached ¥6 trillion, accounting 13% of GDP; retailing e-business ( B2C, C2B, C2C) has reached ¥0.8 trillion. The industry has been deemed as the most potential industry.
B2B e-business trade volume has reached ¥ 5.2 trillion, accounting 11.4 % of GDP.

Now B2B industry has encountered bottleneck in the development path, B2B websites who can only provide simple information as electronic Yellow Page will shut down since the obsolete mode in the past ca not meet the new demand of new enterprises.

B2B industry has two major problems to curb the development.

The first one is credit problem. We can see most B2B websites have not established a complete credit system so that both parties in the trade can not trust each other. Some B2B websites lowered the threshold for joining buying or selling services offered B2B platforms, in this way, B2B websites can make more profit obviously.

The second one is outdated mode, traditional B2B made profits from mode of collecting membership fees and advertising fees, which can not meet the new demand for existing enterprises. B2B websites need to offer more value added service to win market shares.

IBUonline is a B2B platform, which has reformed the services mode according to market demand and enterprises demand.

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