Your employees are one of the most important elements of your business. A happy and motivated employee will complete tasks well and keep up productivity. In fact, taking good care of your employees is one of the best investments that you can do. By hiring skilled and talented employees and nourishing them, you will have reliable and hard-working employees, great results, and the productivity of your business might increase, too.

Both small and big businesses benefit from increased productivity. When time is spent in an effective manner, you will eliminate unnecessary tasks and free up time for more important things.

Today, we will look at how you can increase productivity in your workplace. Reza Shojaei, the founder of an iGaming company, Value Marketing, shares the best advice and his extensive experience.

Be efficient

Take a look at how your business is currently operating, and take an unbiased look at the short- and long-term to-do lists. By prioritizing tasks that are the most important and urgent ones, you will get things done in a timely manner without neglecting anything.

In addition, each employee should have a list of tasks that are their responsibility. Consider if there is a way to eliminate certain tasks, create digital group task boards (for instance, by using Trello), or otherwise make completing tasks and jobs more efficient without putting more pressure on your employees.

  • Creating a digital, company-wide (or group-wide) task-board can help you to keep track of what is being done. Also, it can provide more clarity for the employees, Shojaei suggests.

Delegation can be the key

As a business owner, you should focus on things that require specifically your attention. In fact, delegating tasks to skilled and trustworthy employees can not only increase productivity, but motivate the employees, and show them that you trust their judgement. This will help create a more positive environment which, in return, can increase workplace productivity.

Though delegation can seem hard at first, you will easily get used to it and your employees will appreciate your trust.

  • In our line of business, where we operate on multiple markets around the world, delegation is an absolute must. There is no way I would be able to do everything myself. This is why I delegate all things that do not specifically require my attention to others. For instance, we have online casino site for Canada, India, Japan, and so on. These all operate in different timezones, and there is no possibility for me to handle all of that, Shojaei advises.

Reduce distractions in workplace

One of the most common distractions in the workplace is social media. Nowadays, it is very easy to check your phone wherever, whenever, and social media notifications and constant messages on the phone screen can actually reduce productivity.

  • No-phones policy in a workplace often is not practical. Instead, it might be a good idea to encourage employees to take breaks, during which checking the messages and notifications is alright. Also, by keeping employees otherwise engaged and motivated during the workday can help reduce the lure of social media, Shojaei says.

Get the right tools

Getting the right tools, up-to-date programs, and other equipment, can also help increase productivity. Making sure that the computers are updated and equipped with good antivirus programs, for instance, is a great start. Also, pay attention to other office tools, such as printers and even fax machines.

Of course, the correct tools depend on the kind of business you are running. The bottom line, however, is to make sure that it is possible to be efficient in the first place.

Excellent workplace conditions invite to work

Excellent workplace conditions invite employees to come to work. For instance, if the office or workplace is too cold, the employees will use their time walking around with their coats on. On the other hand, if the office is too hot, it will make the employees uncomfortable and tired.

In addition, you might want to ensure that the employees have a water dispenser, or healthy snacks available, for instance.

Realistic goals

  • Oftentimes, managers and supervisors are so focused on meeting deadlines and sales goals that they forget to make the goals realistic. If the goals are not realistic, your employees will quickly become unmotivated. There is nothing more frustrating than being constantly expecting more of you than what you can do, Shojaei reminds.

Set reachable goals for your employees and make sure to offer them help and support in reaching them. After all, they are working hard to help your business to grow. Motivation and accomplishments only make the employees more productive in the long run.

Remember to say thank you

Giving constructive criticism can help your employees to complete tasks better each time. However, do not forget to motivate and to say thank you. An appreciated employee will work harder and happier. Everyone likes to hear it when they have done a good job. Being grateful and saying thanks will not cost you anything, but can keep your employees around and make them happier.

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