Benefits of cloud computing in business sector are tremendous. This technology provides the efficient services which are rapidly deployed and ready to use in fraction of seconds over the months or weeks that traditionally takes. Apart from data storage and running application as a service within few seconds, cloud computing technology can also be utilized to run company efficiently in many other ways.
Let’s have a discussion on few topics how cloud computing technology can be utilized in a better way to the company for beyond efficiency.
1. Resource Agility
Cloud resources can be accessed instantly and tends to shorten deliver time of the projects. This technology will results in less FTE (Full Time Equipment) to reduce the project time in storing or retrieving the cloud data. Being able to deliver the project in less time with more quality might give your company a competitive edge and give more popularity. For instance, in 2005 database management project being reduced time from 4 months to just 3 weeks to develop and overall cost significantly.
2. Collaborative Workplace
Collaborative workplace in a cloud environment facilitates employees to share data more easily to any corner of the world than the traditional methodologies. If you are working on a global project then it is best to adopt the cloud computing technology so that you company employees, managers and third party vendors can access for the same files instantly. For example, in a bank sector adopting cloud computing technology can make it possible to share client’s account details in a most secured way with the bank accountant or financial advisors.

3. Data Stability
It is very crucial to protect the data and to avoid the data breach. You should be ready to face all the natural disasters and power crisis in order to secure the data. But adopting cloud computing technology ensures that your data is safe and frequently backed up in a safe and secured way. This lets you to overcome from the fraudsters and security breach. Finally, it reduces the downtime by increasing the efficiency and security.
4. Automation in Workplace
Most of the cloud computing applications are designed to be automated and provides end users the ability to access their records without any manual intervention. These kind of applications turns an business into successful venture with high levels of automation and quickly respond to clients demands to improve the service and response.
5. Less Net Capital Expenditure
Most of the companies opted for the cloud computing technology because of less net capital expenditure. Generally it reduces the service and maintenance cost of information system. Instead of buying expensive storage equipments, cloud computing technology is a smart way to invest less and earn more ROI.

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