As the number of medical errors caused due to the negligence of the medical professionals or the hospitals is at their peak, it is an alarm for everyone in the medical field to think about and analyze the cause and effects of such events. Considering which, the doctors and the hospitals will be able to prevent such mishaps soon.

Such medical negligence, usually termed as medical malpractices, are straightaway dealt by law through a medical error attorney and in most of the cases, the patient wins the cases. Therefore, to avoid the loss of money, reputation, and peace of mind, it is better to avoid such situations by being alert and taking the right actions to curb them.

Recent researches have proved that medical malpractices are the third most prominent reason for death in the USA. In the last three years, a lot of steps have been taken by the government, and yet the rate of death by medical negligence is extremely high. Therefore, it is the prime duty of the hospital and the people in the profession to act cautious and smart to reduce the errors to a greater extent.

The following methodologies can be adopted, which will aid in the reduction of such errors. In this article, we bring the things and actions to be performed on top priority to keep the medical errors swayed away.

Develop a foolproof structure for handing over procedures.

The greatest culprit for the medical malpractices is miscommunication between the support staff during the handing over of shift. The written documents can ensure the end of these problems. Maintaining reports and documentation about the medications and doses given to the patient on an immediate basis and passing the same to the next medical professional at the end of one’s shift can reduce a significant number of medical negligence problems.

Direct involvement of pharmacists and medical aid facilities in the treatment.

It is commonly observed that a doctor or nurse comes for a daily round or even 3 – 4 times a day considering the seriousness of the ailment with the diseased. How about including the pharma executives in the same list? This way, medical aid can be quickly changed and will add to the benefit of the admitted patient. Apart, it beings a sense of responsibility amongst pharmacists, as they are now held accountable for medical negligence.

Take precautions to reduce infections.

The infections that get in the hospitals by any of the means stay with the hospital. The hospital might be dealing with the most infectious disease and the amputee leg in the same ward. The amputee is prone to all kinds of infections, and the rate of his recovery will get slower because of the other diseases around.

It is not rocket science to keep the infectious germs away. Just follow the rules and regulations set up by the right authorities, and you will be on the right track.

How to avoid the errors during diagnosis

In most of the cases, we assume the wrong diagnosed patient to be at stake. However, medical malpractice also includes the patients who are delayed diagnosed, partially diagnosed, and over diagnosed patients under medical negligence.

The entire team working together, right from the radiologists to the consulting physician, with one objective to see the patient going back home healthy and happy can avoid all the troubles.

Apart from the technical expertise, ethics, integrity, and compassion are the three major aspects of the medical business, which can keep them away from a medical error attorney.

So, serve well to stay well. The right actions will definitely keep the attorney away.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.