To even get into Med schools takes a high above average intelligence. To stay and graduate even at the bottom of the class takes even more. All "doctors" of any kind have to be smarter than average, and the MD should be above the rest. Yet, these highly intelligent people accept what they are taught in Medical school without questioning where and why it's what they are learning. Even worse, they don't question what they are missing. No medical school today teaches the fundamentals of what we are made of, only what drugs allay symptoms in effect. They are taught how organs work, and what can go wrong, and what drugs may or may not work. What they don't learn is basic nutrition, and how the lack of this causes stress and all diseases. This information simply isn't taught.

They either don't know, or don't care that the curriculum at virtually all Med schools is designed by Big Pharma, and that they have NOT been given any learning contrary to pharmacology. Virtually no med schools teach more than 1 hour of vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, the basic building blocks of our body construction.. Yet, they are taught thousands of hours of drug usage.

Remember that the first real Medical school was started by Standard Oil's Rockefeller, and what were the first drugs made of? Oil, and petroleum is still a major part of the drug industry. Big Pharma still controls the curriculum at most med schools. Every med school gets money directly or indirectly from Big Pharma.

How about what they learn from prestigious Medical Journals? Surely those "peer reviewed" scientific research articles should open their eyes. Nope, that just don't work either. It seems that all Med journals exist solely on advertising - by who - Big Pharma. If any Med Journal accepts advertising from any other source, that would be big news. If any Med Journal accepted the "truth" about just Vitamin C, it would go out of business, That's the sad truth.

The former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine recently said that she left that publication because it was almost totally untrue in too many areas, and she was sick of that.

There have been at least 4 "peer reviewed" articles that I have personally seen that baldly stated "Vitamin C has no effect on colds and flu". Dr's who do not know much about vitamins, especially ascorbic acid Vitamin C, read these, and believe that. MD's are busy people, and they're literally "brainwashed" by Big Pharma, free samples, wining and dining by sales reps, etc. (Did you know that every third year Med student gets monthly or more gifts from Big Pharma - that's documented - and it's outright bribery).

Speaking about bribery, how about the many politicians in both parties, who take all they can get from Big Pharma. After all their primary need for money is to get re-elected isn't it? Isn't that bribery? Sure looks like it, and Big Pharma wields a very big stick (of money). I now look carefully at the politicians I vote for, and who their contributors are. Should you?

Take a look at those Vitamin C tests. In every case, the so-called researcher used 1 gram (1000 mg) per hour or less. Since a virus DOUBLES every 20 minutes or so, and by the time there are cold symptoms present, and "felt", the number of virus cells busy multiplying is in the billions. 1 gram won't kill even 50% at that stage. However, for the sake of simplicity, say that it can. This means that at the end of 20 minutes, the C is used up, and the number of virus cells is the same as when it started.

At the 40 minute mark, there are twice as many cells, and at the end of that hour, the number is now 4 times the original. And, the symptoms are much worse. Do you really think that the researcher paid by Big Pharma doesn't know the above? If every MD knew what I know of these simple basic facts, Big Pharma would lose billions of dollars, there would be less deaths, and vaccines would not be used at all.

How about cancer, the most dreaded disease of all? The plain facts are simple there as well. There have been at least a dozen different therapies that either cured cancer or helped to do so. (See

All of these have been known to Big Pharma, and all have conspired against, to either downgrade these (using both Medical Journals, the power of the FDA , (completely controlled by Big Pharma), and brainwashed MD's. If such a cure cannot be patented, Big Pharma cannot make any money out of it, so they "hide" those facts, or distort them to keep their profits.

One MD was reported to me recently as saying to his patient, "Don't you think that your MD would be using Vitamin C as the best therapy for you if those stories were true". The worst part of that statement is he was probably telling the truth as he saw it. Is ignorance an excuse?

There are hundreds of Big Pharma drugs for all types of mental problems, and not one really "cures" the problem. Most are dangerous to use for any length of time. For every such drug, there is a non drug solution proven to actually cure such mental disease. The Orthomolecular Society proved in the 60's that the megavitamin using niacin cured over half of all schizophrenics. (In the 80's, I found that copper uptake contamination and/or allergy caused the rest of that disease).

All of this drug less therapy is freely available, yet almost no MD's know anything about it. Their job is to "cure" disease, yet they don't have even the basic tools or knowledge to do it. They laugh at such therapy (practiced in India) as village elders standing around a schizophrenic, beating him/her with sticks to drive out the "evil spirits", yet that therapy has more chance of cure than the modern drugs. It must have worked at one time, or it wouldn't be used at all. Think about it.

How can we, the public that is suffering from this lack of basic knowledge get these facts to MD's? The web is bringing more and more of these basic facts into the light. Years ago, my friend and mentor, Abram Hoffer, then president of the Orthomolecular Society, told my late wife "All doctors are 'educationally handicapped'". If everyone reading this article would send it to his or her MD, it might open a few eyes. MD's are really smart, but really ignorant as well. In health care, the "bottom line" just shouldn't be the criterion, but it is with too many MD's, and certainly with Big Pharma.

How can such high IQ people be so arrogant as to ignore the basic facts of nutrition? How can Big Pharma so "brainwash" all but a small minority of these "smart" people? What happened to the MD who came to the house, and was actually helpful to the sick without all these drugs? Are we, the public, better off today at the mercy of the AMA and Big Pharma? I'm not so sure - are you?

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