When you start looking for a job, it is natural to ask yourself "is this job the right fit for my qualifications & career?" and "how might I ensure I am apart from the crowd?". The process of a job search - especially in online jobs - centres around these two points, and when a jobseeker searches for a new job, they come across several job opportunities that may be tangentially related to their career path. When it comes to deciding which job posting site to rely on, be smart about selecting those that are most relevant in the direction you seek to pursue.

To help refine your job search, Hullo Jobs has come up with a few tips. Remember, you can apply to as many jobs as possible, but unless you understand and reciprocate the requirement sought from candidates, your application remains the one of many seen but overlooked.
Tip#1 Job Titles cannot be your sole focus
It is recommended to filter job openings or postings on employment websites based on the skills they're attributing or seeking from a candidate rather than the job title. It is often the practice to use a generic job title that may not convey the depth of the actual requirements. It's the skills that will get you noticed and work out in your favour.

Tip #2 Broaden your search with terms
Make use of features like "Similar Jobs", "Suggested Jobs" to broaden your search and find lateral jobs in the same sector/industry.

Tip #3 Be clear of what is non-negotiable
If you know someone from the company you are applying to, enquire to see if the company culture, values & employee satisfaction is positive. For factors like relocation, if you are unwilling, then avoid applying.

Tip #4 Enhance your resume for the future
In the event of an application not working out, save the job advertisement to refer back to it. You may be able to make use of keywords and requirements in the listing again before sending out your next application, you can gain some insight into what is being asked for and how you fit into the pattern.

Tip #5 Don't copy from resume to cover letter
A cover letter is not the same as the resume, it needs to address why you would be the perfect candidate for the job, giving the interviewer insight into your profile & experience.

Tip #6 Customise your profile for every application
It's highly recommended that you tailor your cover letter and resume for each job position you apply to. Make sure it is addressed to the right person, and it error free in spelling etc. You may- the hiring manager, ask a close friend to review the cover letter or resume before sending it out.

Tip #7 Practice with a mock interview
Prepare yourself before hand with a more than basic knowledge about the company at hand, the work it does, what your responsibilities would entail, and a brief introduction of the background. This not only improves your own confidence, it displays your readiness to learn & equip yourself for the interview and the job.

Tip #8 Be prepared with questions of your own
At the right time in the interview when the opportunity presents itself, you must use it to ask intelligent & relevant questions of your own. Topics like “What are the development opportunities in this company?” or “What is a favorite thing & the greatest challenge about working here?” which shows that you have deeply considered your potential future at the company and are not attending for the sake of merely being there.

Tip #9 You can ask for time to consider the decision
Give yourself the space & the time to consider the job offer, negotiating when it is appropriate and in line with your experience and your capabilities.
Using these techniques can give you a welcome edge over your peers and help you perform up to your own expectations, making you feel confident and exhibiting the same in an interview.

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