Are you thinking of learning a trade but aren’t sure of its requirements and process or perhaps you’re indecisive about how to get on track with your chosen career path. But, if you’ve been anticipating working in the building and construction industry, scroll down for all the information. Due to its widespread domain there has always been an increase in demand for well trained and skilled builders and construction workers in Australia.

Building and construction qualifications or a diploma of building and construction are popular choices for many tradies looking to enhance their skills and generate new career avenues. If you’re geared up to tackle bigger and rewarding challenges and start your own building business, then our diploma course is the right pick for you. Armed with the diploma of building and construction, where employers seek university level qualifications favourably, you can pursue construction manager roles in both residential and commercial settings- across a range of fields.

Along with relevant experience, a good work ethic, and promising attitude- you’ll have bountiful opportunities to elevate your career. But for all this, you require a qualification in building and construction from a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO). So, get started now.


Whether you’re a disoriented young lad or an older man looking to upgrade your career, there are various good reasons why a diploma of building and construction could be the ticket you’ve been looking for. The CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) is offered by Step Into Training Services (SITS), which empowers students to take advantage of opportunities in the present job market.


Enrol at SITS where you will be provided with excellent quality training, ranging from certificate level to a diploma of building and construction. Learning at SITS features updated and comprehensive course materials delivered by industry veterans with modern and extensive training facilities. We offer programs with great emphasis on the practical skills required to thrive in the building and construction industry.

A diploma of building and construction is key to getting a building licence. From a registered builder to construction manager, you can go down countless career paths. You can also run a small to medium construction business within the industry. You’ll learn how to coordinate the complete construction of a residential, industrial or commercial building and take responsibility for your work.

Through Recognition of Prior Learning, students can apply for recognition of their chosen qualification by providing evidence of their previous training, employment experience or other life skills that meet qualification requirements.
SITS requires students to complete a customized Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment. This is done to identify any support individual learners need prior to their enrolment. With this diploma, you not only get a high-quality education, but a nationally recognised qualification that you can use all across Australia.

The construction industry is a significant pillar of the Australian economy. With increasing population comes the need for more housing, commercial buildings, social spaces, and infrastructure. In Australia, construction is one of the best sectors to commence or build on your career leading you on a path towards global exposure.

Create your own success story as a builder. Join SITS, get qualified with a CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). Dream big, build bigger and open the doors for limitless opportunities.

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