With everything being easily available online, you can find doctors online in your region within minutes! Most of the time we seek treatment for basic, non-emergency issues and experts say that more than 80% of health problems can be treated online effectively. If however, you’re dealing with an emergency, please dial your local emergency number or proceed to the Emergency department. Look up your doctor on a doctor availability app. My live doctors for instance is a a great app to book your tele-appointment online instantly without waiting days to schedule one.
The online doctor app has changed the healthcare experience for many. It allows people in remote areas, who might not have access to a medical facility nearby, to access quality online health services and get treated. Even though telemedicine has been around for a while it’s still a relatively new concept and the future seems optimistic. A lot of tertiary care hospitals have started using telehealth services or online medicine services to shorten distances and make sure that everyone gets quality healthcare. At the rate that technological advancements are going, telemedicine is most likely to become easier and more widely accepted.
One of the best medical apps for patients is My Live Doctors, a telemedicine portal uniquely designed to cater to your needs. It’s super easy to use and has a team of hand-picked, qualified doctors that you can personally choose from. The good news if that it’s FREE, so download it on your phone today! An app to find a doctor like this one allows you to keep your health problems in check before things get complicated. There are so many mobile gadgets like smart watches, fitness accessories and smart phones that can monitor an individual’s health parameters like pulse, heart rate, calories consumed and the number of steps taken in a day. They can be used to transmit this data to your primary healthcare provider as well. According to reports and surveys, most patients are comfortable communicating with their doctors via technology. If you’re not, you can always use it to find the best doctor in your area.
Looking up doctors near you has never been easier! All you have to do is download My Live Doctors on your smart phone and sign up for free! You will then be able to find best online physician in Pakistan and gain access to qualified healthcare experts. Use the ‘advanced search’ option to narrow it down to your region. You even have a language preference. All doctor profiles are reviewed and rated by other patients which will make it easier for you to choose the best doctor in your area. After your first in-clinic visit, you can always book your doctor appointment online for future follow-ups and get a prescription online for your re-fills without going in again. Your condition can be monitored through online appointments via phone calls or video calls.
With the ongoing dilemma of over-burdened hospitals and shortage of patient slots, telemedicine seems to provide a more practical, cheaper and quicker solution for health problems.

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I am skilled physician with 5 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.