Throughout the years, in the United States, one of the biggest complaints about expenses has consistently been medications and other medical-related necessities. While other things become increasingly expensive, these other things are less contentious due to their reduced necessity. A car is expensive, but there are always other ways to get transportation. A house is expensive, but if you aren’t picky, you can rent a place that is at least habitable. Medication, however, is a life or death thing in some cases, and almost always a quality of life thing, so the significant price of them has always been a bit of a source of unrest in this country.

If you look to get a Spiriva coupon online or get a Qvar coupon online, you may find that such coupons are for significantly-reduced prices on these medications, a reduction that is a bit baffling. How can they be that much cheaper, when other online purchases, while cheaper, are mainly just cheaper due to the reduction of brick-and-mortar overhead, not such significant reductions as these!

Clearly, there is another aspect to this, another variable as it were, that you aren’t aware of, right? Yes, in fact, these coupons are usually for Canadian pharmacies, and Canadian pharmacies are in fact inherently far cheaper, especially online pharmacies.

We need to demystify these Canadian pharmacies as well as the concept of socialized healthcare, a fundamental core to why cheaper medicine as possible through these channels. We aren’t going to get political, but understanding the concept of socialized healthcare is, indeed, core to how this works.

Understanding socialized healthcare…

There is this rampant misconception the socialized healthcare means that no one has to pay for medications, hospital visits, surgeries, treatments or the like. This is a gross misunderstanding, but one that is kind of understandable from within the borders of the US. In fact, pharmaceutical companies take their pound of flesh no matter how you look at it, and they make their money through taxation in a socialized healthcare scenario, rather than out-of-pocket like in the US.

This does have the advantage of individual immediate funds in their availability not impacting the quality of life of people who need medical attention, but everyone eventually pays for what they need, there is just a communal responsibility there that makes it a little more manageable.

What does this do for me? I’m not part of Canada’s healthcare system…

If you get Spiriva coupon online or get Qvar coupon online, you can take advantage of the fact that you aren’t part of their healthcare system, and therefore not paying into their taxes. Those cheap prices? They are basically upfront for you, as an American citizen, meaning that, aside from import tariffs, customs fees and shipping fees, the latter of which many Canadian pharmacies waive, you can save significant amounts of money on medications online. These aren’t your typical coupons, saving you a few cents or a dollar or two at your local pharmacy, these are your key to saving so much more, especially if you are also willing to substitute a generic!

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