How can I get my ex back? My husband has left me for another woman.... she is younger, more exciting, more sexy, and he will not come back.... I hear this so often. And it is a sad thing to hear as it implies that if this other person had not come along they would still be together. You will notice that in most cases the wife or female who has been "dumped" and "rejected" will have convinced herself that the other woman is the case of all of her problems and sadness. But does this make sense?

Surely if the marriage had been solid and happy this other person - any other person - would not be able to shatter it? A man who is really happy with his partner does not go looking and does not fall for temptation. There must have been problems there before. And the other woman is a great scapegoat but it is not facing reality.

A few days ago I had a new psychic tarot reading client who came to me saying her partner had left her. She could not understand why because she had made a great job of ironing his shirts, cooking his meals, cleaning their apartment. Why would he want more? Of course he wanted more, she was more like a cleaner or domestic than a partner. In many ways he would have been better off having a cleaner who came in and did and then went home rather than a partner who thinks she can monitor and approve his every move. He wanted sex! He wanted to laugh ! He wanted.

In other relationships there is often a problem with the wife being too obedient, too lacking in her own personality, too quick to agree with her man all of the time, too eager to please. This can become too boring and there is no excitement or challenge in it. A man likes to be with a woman who respects herself and does not act like a doormat. Often such men will leave their wife and go off with a woman is very difficult to please, one who is forever keeping him on his toes - the total opposite of his partner from before.

How you get your partner back can depend on why they went. It might mean you have to change your attitude, you might need therapy to help you see this and do this, or it might be that your partner will never come back. It might also be worth looking at what the point is of your partner coming back if it will all go wrong again. Approximately once a week I get woman telling me her partner has left her and she is desperate to get him back. Yet this has happened dozens of times and it will happen again and again for as long as their relationship exists. The worst thing you can do is beg the ex to return, making it clear that you have forgiven them everything and will wait forever.

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