Do you want your ex back in your life and free from other ladies? I have been in your shoes before so I know your feelings. My boyfriend also left me for another girl just a month before our first anniversary, but here is a secret have got for you. I got my ex back and so can you!
This is the Fact: Almost seventy percent of the couples who break up due to another female partner end up together within the first six months, and you can take advantage of this fact, I know the statistic says six months, but you can achieve this in less than six months. Your ex will come running back when you’ve used these simple techniques I am about to enlighten you on.
What reason did your ex give for leaving you? After theoretical research, psychologists have uncovered one core reason behind why all men leave women also why women leave men. Your ex didn't leave you because the other girl was hotter or cuter; He left you because of this core reason. Before I share this reason with you, let me ask you a question? What do you think men want from women? Could it be sex? It is neither both It’s true that men are highly sexual beings and have a strong affiliation for the hotter women but that is not what they really want from a woman .men dwell, need, long for and desire admiration from a woman, They can die for that.
A real man will never leave a woman who admires him for his true character, also men hate women who whine and nag. When you nag about things, a man doesn't feel fulfilled, He thinks that you are whining because he is unable to make you happy or provide for your needs. For men, PRETTY WOMEN are synonymous to a HAPPY WOMEN. I'm willing to show you the precise way you can use admiration on how to get my ex back
. But before then, here is what you must never do: Never beg or plead-You can never be found guilty begging or pleading to your ex to accept you back. This is very timid for It's better if you don't call him at all. When you first met your ex , you didn't beg or plead with him to be your lover, you appeared dashing in appearance but this is what most people tend to do during a break up which is a wrong move. Instead pretend to go along with the Breakup ,this is a step to the right way to win him back. There are lots of ways you can do this. Here are some of the best ways on how to get your ex back.
Draft a letter – telling him in a subtle voice of agreement that the break up was the best thing for both of you. Then tell him, you would like to thank him in person, so if he gives you a call back, that would be nice". Soon he'll get in touch with you and when he does, you both should go for a cup of coffee. Don't mention it as a date.

Here's what you need to do on that date:
Buy him a gift that he truly likes before the date here are some few things you need to do. Go close to a distant friend of his and begin to flirt with him. Then during that faithful date, ask him how his friend his fairing then let him know you are in good rapport with his friend, this will spark up jealousy in your ex though he may not show it. At the same time don’t forget to shower admiration on your ex, remember men can kill for constant admiration, especially when she does it more than the one he is presently with. In a short while you will find him leaving his present girlfriend and running back to you.

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This is how to get my Ex back
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