How can I get my husband to listen to me? You're frustrated and you're feeling alone within your marriage. You sense that your husband has just grown tired of you and he's showing that by ignoring you when you speak to him. It's exasperating and it leaves you feeling neglected and unappreciated. If you're like most women in this position you've probably spoken to your husband about what you're feeling but it's been to no avail. He hasn't changed at all and you're feeling worse and worse. If your spouse just won't listen to you, you obviously need to change something. Continuing down the path you're on now isn't going to get you the balanced marriage or the respect that you desire.

If you want to get your husband to listen to you, you must approach him in the same way he's approaching you. In other words you have to treat him like a man. Men talk to one another in a very distinct way. They don't beat around the bush or try and subtly suggest things. They just say it like it is. This is exactly what you have to do now if you want to get your husband's attention when you're talking and if you truly want him to absorb what you're saying.

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Consider how you've been talking to your husband now. What most of us are guilty of is we unwittingly nag our husband if we feel he's not taking us seriously. If he doesn't react the way we want him to, we keep hammering the point over and over. Doing this just ensures that he'll tune you out. Why would he want to listen to you belaboring the same point over and over again?

If you now approach him like a man would, you'll have his full attention immediately. Simply walk up to him and tell him that there's something you need to say. Don't add your emotions to the mix at all. Instead, stay calm and in control of what you're feeling. Directly tell him what you need from him and say it in a way in which he'll understand. Don't start by telling him how disappointed you are in him or that you feel he's ignoring you. Just get to the point and make certain that he hears the expectation in your voice. Once you've said what you need to say, drop the subject.

As you start approaching your husband in this way, your marriage will change. He'll begin to hear you and absorb what you're saying. He won't feel as though he has to wade through a bunch of emotions. Instead he'll appreciate that you're being so succinct and understandable. It will help you get what you need from him and at the same time you'll feel appreciated and heard.

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You meet, you see something that you like and start to date, as you get to know each other better you start to fall in love, you decide that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, you get engaged and being still determined to see life through together you get married, the end and you both live happily ever after... not necessarily. Marriage isn't the end of the relationship building process, it is the beginning, this is where your commitment to each other is tested to the full, and your connection made even deeper and richer. But are you ready and able to commit to marriage, is your marriage struggling, do you know the elements that go into a strong marriage?

You could be together for decades so there has to be commitment, you have to be in this for the long haul, for better or worse, for richer or poorer. Spending and sharing your life with someone, for the rest of your life, is a massive commitment that not everyone is able to make. You have to be able to work together to build the best relationship that you possibly can. You are both equal partners in this, and for your marriage to work you have to both want it to work, and be totally committed to making it work.

Communicate impacts on pretty much every aspect of life, and is one of the main elements that go into a strong marriage. Communication isn't just about the day-to-day stuff, although life would be pretty boring if you couldn't tell each other how your day went, communication is about much more. Real communication is about understanding who your partner is, what they need to be happy, when they need your help and support, and to be able to do things without asking. Your communication defines your relationship, it makes you who you are and it binds you together. A breakdown in communication is one of, if not the main cause of marital breakdowns, because when you stop communicating, what do you have that ties you together?

Tied in with communication is how you both connect with each other as a couple. Do you believe that each other is psychic which saves you the trouble of sharing your emotions? Or each and every day do you find some way of telling your spouse that you love them? People like to feel loved and wanted. If you touch, hug, kiss, hold hands, leave notes, phone, text, email, make gestures, tell them that you love them, then you will not only feel good, but you will help to build an intimate connection that can make your lives together very pleasant.

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If you cannot enjoy your time together then where is the point in getting married? So in an increasingly busy world, you have to be able to find the time to enjoy life with your spouse, whether that means going to a restaurant, going for a walk, or taking a class, that's up to you, but it's vital that you do. If you stop doing things together then you stop being able to connect. If you cannot connect then you cannot move your marriage forward, if you cannot move your marriage forward then it will start to stagnate, and you face the real danger of one of you seeking excitement outside of the marriage. Find the time to be together, find new things to do, do things that you enjoy doing, and you keep your marriage fun, alive and exciting.

Even the most, perfect of marriages will have their arguments, it would be strange if they didn't. Let's consider the basics. Men and women are different (I know, I know, go to the top of the class for being so perceptive), we both experience and see the world differently. Every partner in a marriage is unique, you are unique, you have your own history, hobbies, interests, beliefs and friends. No matter how much you love each other, no matter how compatible you are, at some point your wants and needs are going to collide. Now you can act like little kids and shout and scream at each other, blame each other for what happened, or try to win the argument at all costs. Or... you could say we've got a problem, how can we deal with this, and then look for a resolution that you are both happy with, one that benefit's the marriage and not the individual. You need to be able to learn how to compromise and to fight fair.

Now, being human we all make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are minor, maybe you forgot something, they're not deliberate, your spouse never meant to do it, they just forgot. The small mistakes are the ones that are easy to shrug off and forget. Then there are the big mistakes where one spouse can really hurt the other. One of the most difficult elements that go into a strong marriage is the ability to take responsibility for your actions, and to forgive. If you make a mistake you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions, admit the mistake in its entirety, apologize while showing that you can appreciate the level of hurt that you might have caused, and then do what you can to make amends. The really difficult bit is for the partner who has been wronged. If the fault was a minor one, then hey these things happen. But how do you forgive something like an affair? In these cases the forgiveness isn't really for your spouse, it's a sign that you want to push your marriage forward, and more importantly it can release you from the hurt of your spouse's actions. Forgiveness does not condone or forgive the deed, but it allows you to accept it, place it in the past, and move on.

To keep the relationship really focused you can set joint goals. These could be career, vacation, or family orientated. If both of you are continually working together to achieve long-term goals for your marriage, then you are constantly looking forward, constantly driving your marriage forward, and setting in your mind the fact that your marriage can and will stretch down the years.

The elements that go into a strong marriage aren't always easy to work at, but if you want your marriage to work and grow then you have to. People say that you have to work at your marriage, but making your loved one happy, which in turn makes you happy can hardly be regarded as work. It sounds very simple, but everything boils down to you two committing to creating the best possible marriage that you can. If you work together, and enjoy your time together, then you can create something special.

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I thought so, and wondered if I was going to be able to do it at all. So the question was how do I save my relationship without having help from my wife? Was it possible?

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Second... I realized that if I had fallen in love with my wife in the first place then there had to be some of those things that I fell in love with still there. If I could begin focusing on those things then I would likely fall in love again. Did it work?

Well it actually was hard in the beginning because I suppose that it's human nature to see the negative rather than the positive, but amazingly I began to see the positive things and those started to become glaringly apparent and I can't say that I totally fell head over heels again like some fairytale movie...but it did create a new and refreshed appreciation for my wife that had gone away for a while. And then do you know what happened?

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It was only the beginning, but it was significant and only worked because insisted that I want to save my marriage.

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I hope I'm wrong but if statistics are right then you have less than a 50% chance of having a successful marriage. The question is what are you doing to make sure your marriage succeeds?

There is no secret to having a rewarding marriage. Yet, so many couples fail to find the right ingredients to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. Why is it that we let life get in the middle and mess up our hopes and dreams of living happily ever after? Well, the following information should provide some insight into things you might be guilty of that leads to a failed and unsuccessful marriage.

Stuff That Prevents A Successful Marriage

Lack of commitment - One of the ways to throw your marriage off track is to lose the commitment and focus of putting the needs of your marriage ahead of your own wants and desires. Think of it as two people being on the same page with like thoughts and goals and desires and one person starts to slowly rip the page apart. Instead of making financial decisions for the benefit of the family they become selfish decisions which indicate that commitment is fading fast.

For some spouses, committing and investing time in growing the relationship is no longer an interest or priority. Once one spouse starts to pull away and no longer be committed it's a recipe for frustration, bitterness and resentment that will lead to a host of other problems and probably a rocky road to divorce, if not corrected.

Personal Unhappiness - If one spouse is unhappy and unfulfilled as an individual it can make the relationship difficult. Happiness must be from within and not totally dependent upon others, especially your spouse. Your soul-mate will let you down all the time and you will start to blame your spouse for your unhappiness when in fact you aren't really happy with yourself. If you want a successful marriage, it's important that you learn to love and be happy with yourself.

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Ineffective Communication - Communication is at the core of many successful and unsuccessful marriages. In marriages that are good and heading towards great you will find that couples are able to communicate effectively i.e., they connect and get each other. They understand each others words, or expressions or actions. They find a way to talk about issues in their marriage that are important to them, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the matter.

There is no way to have a successful marriage if you can't listen to each other and trust that your honesty and transparency will not be rejected, abused or manipulated by your spouse. You know you are communicating well with your partner when issues get resolved and you feel better after discussing marital issues then you did going into the conversation.

Missing Intimacy - Intimacy is vital to a happy marriage and intimacy is slightly different for couples. The one thing it isn't is just sex. If you aren't meeting each others emotional needs then you have a challenge ahead of keeping your marriage blissful. For the marriage to be healthy and happy, spouses need to feel loved and cared for. It could be with periodic expressions of love such as holding hands, hugging and kissing for no reasons or perhaps taking a stroll through a park or a mall. It could for some spouses be in the form of just having a shoulder to cry on or an attentive caring sounding ear.

Again, intimacy is one of those key ingredients that if missing in a marriage can cause division and separation if not corrected.

There is good news and sad news when it comes to a successful marriage. The good news is that there are no secrets. All couples have the same resources available to learn what it takes to have a happy and healthy marriage. The sad news is that many couples fail to implement the stuff they know they should be doing to build a better marriage.

I do understand that marriage can be difficult at times and can frustrate you to the point of wanting to give up. Please don't throw in the towel. You can learn how to change the dynamics of your marriage so that you both are happy.

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