Very nice question!
There is nothing better than loving the ‘real me’ in this entire Universe!
But do you know who this real me is? Have you seen it? To love someone, we must first know him / her, isn’t it? Hence, to love the real me, you need to first know ‘who is the real me?’

To know really ‘who am I’ is called Self-Realization.
This can happen only with the grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One!!! Gnani not only makes us aware of our real Self, but also teaches us how to love the real Self. And furthermore, He helps us grow this love to a stage where ultimately the two become one i.e. we leave behind our individuality completely and totally dissolve into the real Self and become one with it!!

So, first and foremost, get in touch with the Living Gnani!!!

1.Know thy Self, who has the divine spiritual powers to help you attain Self-Realization and know your real me (the Self).

2.Natural love and devotion for Gnani. Since Gnani is the one who introduces us to the real me, our love and devotion for Gnani is very natural and overwhelming. Gnani is like a temple, in whose body, the Lord has manifested in full form. So by worshipping Gnani, we are actually worshipping the Living God!!! Our earnest worship towards Gnani helps establish strong faith in the real me.

3.Understanding the form of Lord. Gnani educates us as to who really is God? God is not in the form of a human or a superhuman being. Nor is God in the outer body form that is visible. God is the Pure Soul that manifests within. Lord is in the form of Knowledge (Gnan), Vision (Darshan), Conduct (Charitra), and Bliss (Sukh). This Lord has manifested within Gnani!!! The more we understand Lord in this form, it helps us understand the real me all the more.

4.Experiencing the real me. The Pure Soul is verily the Lord. Similar Lord resides within us too! And that indeed is the real Self - the ‘real me’ that you want to learn to love! The properties of the Soul are Gnan, Darshan, Charitra and Sukh. Gnani helps us experience the Soul on the basis of these properties. He says, for anything to come into practice:

•One attains its knowledge (Gnan) first.
•Thereafter, the faith (Darshan) sets in. Knowledge without faith does not last long.
•The faith in turn strengthens the attained knowledge, making it stronger and stronger.
•And then the knowledge comes into conduct (Charitra).

5.Rise of infinite Godly energies within. The Soul has infinite power and energy in it. But there are factors inside us who do not let these energies to arise, not allowing us to experience our own Soul (the real me). Gnani helps us know these enemies which are in the form of anger, pride, deceit and greed, and which reflect in our daily conduct. He then teaches us the strategy to overcome each of these enemies and reach the real me.

This is not an easy task by any means! Therefore, Gnani walks along the path, instilling the right faith in us and guiding us at every step, helping us in areas where we tend to be weak and finally getting us free from these enemies.

6.Connect with the Souls of highest order. Gnani also teaches us to daily worship those who have attained Absolute awareness of the Soul. This is a very scientific practice. By paying obeisance to these Souls of highest order, we express our love towards them and thus connect with them. It enhances the attribute of humility (vinaya) in us, which in turn helps increase our awareness of the real Self. And when we do so, it greatly pleases Gnani too!

The main purpose of human life is to attain the stage of ‘Absolute Self’ (full enlightenment). And the first step to get there is ‘Self-Realization’. However, we cannot realize the Self on our own. Hence, go to Gnani, the Enlightened One and with His grace, attain Self-Realization.

Gnani is the one who holds your hand and takes you to your ‘real me’ ( Aatma or the Soul), So, until you accomplish the purpose of human life, consider Gnani indeed to be your own Aatma!!!
Wish you goodluck on the path of learning to love the real Self....

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Author's Bio: 

Ambalal M. Patel was a civil contractor by profession. In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and the Lord that manifest within him became known as Dada Bhagwan. A Gnani Purush is One who has realized the Self and is able help others do the same. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang (spiritual discourse) and impart the knowledge of the Self, as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interactions to everyone who came to meet him. This spiritual science, known as Akram Vignan, is the step-less path to Self-realization.