If your ex has broken up with you it can be a very emotional and upsetting time, especially if you have been together for a while. Lots of women would love to know how to make an ex boyfriend want you back. It can be tempting to want to speak to your ex and let him know how you feel and how much you love him. It may seem logical that by doing this he will realize the error of his ways and fall back in your arms again.

A complete solution to help you get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up (Author's Bio), meanwhile let's build the foundation.

If you are asking; How can I make an ex boyfriend want me back, Sorry to say but this approach will only push him further away from you. He sees you as being needy and clingy, and this isn't an attractive quality. He knows that he can get you back anytime and he feels free to date other girls knowing that you will still be hanging around waiting for him. Even if you beg him and tell him how much you love him, this won't make any difference.

Advice to get an ex boyfriend to want me back. If you want to know how to make an ex boyfriend want you back the best approach is to cut off all communication with him for about a month or so. This means no texting or emailing, even just to "hi, I miss you." He will be expecting you to bombard him with phone calls and texts and will be surprised and anxious that you haven't. He may start to worry after a couple of weeks that he's lost you for good. Even if he is dating another girl he will be thinking about you and comparing her to you. This is exactly what you want to achieve as now he may be starting to regret his actions.

During this time don't wait around for him to call you. Go out with your friends and keep yourself busy. Make your life interesting and fun, and show him that you can live a happy and fulfilled life without him. If you live near each other and you bump into him with his new girlfriend just be friendly and polite, and don't show any signs of jealousy or anger. You want him to think that you don't care.

Finding out; how I can make my ex boyfriend want me back; If you haven't heard anything from him after about 4 to 6 weeks then you could give him a quick call to say "hi, I hope you are well and enjoying life." Don't start getting upset and asking why he broke up with you, as this will destroy all your efforts in a few minutes. Be casual but friendly. If he seems happy to hear from you and suggests meeting up, don't just drop everything you're doing. Make out that you have to be somewhere and are getting ready to go out. Be mysterious and unavailable and this will keep him guessing. Don't push him away completely either. You could suggest that he calls you back in a few days, or you call him back.

I hope this article has began to help you understand how to make an ex boyfriend want you back. The no contact rule is very powerful, however you can't make him get back with you, so if he really isn't interested then there is nothing more you can do. This will only work if he still has feelings for you. There are many ways to make an ex boyfriend want you back with advice. You can use highly effective tips for an ex boyfriend and get him falling in love with you all over again. Visit blog links underneath at Author’s Bio.

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