How Can I Make My Penis Bigger Naturally: Easy Way To Increase Penis Size

You cannot grow your penis like a fungus overnight, but you can actually make it happen with patience and persistence over time. The common mistake that men commit is that they want instant growth and that drives them to seek unnatural methods such as pills and supplements. But guess what, these pills are nothing more than hyped products, manufactured to rob you of your hard-earned money. In this weak economy, you cannot afford to waste your money on bogus products in hopes of increasing the size of your manhood.

Believe it or not, there are natural ways of penis enlargement and they don't cost a dime. It only takes patience and discipline to actually get to the place where your penis becomes an envy among other males. These are exercises which can be performed in the privacy of your bedroom and they only take thirty minutes of your time, tops.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The "milking" technique has grown in popularity in recent years because it has actually shown tremendous results for men who have tried it. To do this, make sure your penis is properly lubricated for a smoother milking. As the name implies, it resembles milking a cow. Basically, you press your penis with your thumb and index fingers on one hand from the base all the way to the end. The purpose of milking is to force more blood into the compartments inside your manhood, thus resulting to an enlarged penis. You must avoid too much pressure or else the blood vessels will burst and cause serious injury.

Another exercise resembles masturbation, only that you aren't actually masturbating vigorously. You use both hands, one hand gripping the head and the other holding the base. Slowly drive the hand that's gripping the head to the base applying uniform pressure all throughout. Then slide it back to the head ever more slowly while the other hand is still firmly holding the base. Avoid too much pressure in any case because it can lead to complications if too much force is applied.

For men struggling with being overweight, your first priority should be reducing your weight because fats have a way of 'shrinking' your penis. No penile exercise can improve your size unless you have acquired a toned body with minimal fats around your waist. In fact, if you have significantly slimmed your body, penile exercises may no longer be needed as your penis is revealed to longer and bigger.

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A large number of men estimated to about 90% would not ignore a chance of enlarging their penis. All these men are looking out for the means to have a larger manhood. This situation has come to be because of various different reasons.

Some people will tell you that their penis is beneath the average size. Others will tell you that their partners have already had an experience with a bigger penis than they have. There are those who already have a large penis nevertheless, they want to make them bigger to knock their partners down.

All these reasons add up to one thing: a larger penis will give you a greater feeling of a man. The big question now that you need a solution for is: how to increase your penis size naturally?

You need to understand that your penis is a piece of your main body. The same way you perform exercise to enlarge your body is the same way you will do to your penis. Your penis happens to be primarily composed of three compartments or chambers.

Two of these chambers known as Corpora Cavernosa are big in size while the other part known as Corpus spongiosum is small. An erection usually comes by because of the blood that streams into the Corpora Carvenosa. When this chamber is fully packed with blood, then a full erection is obtained.

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You should therefore aim to extend the size of Corpora Carvernosa in-order for them to contain more blood. You ought to comprehend the mode of exercise that you need. You should always remember that your penis is quite fragile and is more prone to damage. I am not after scaring you. I only want to ensure you are careful with the exercise that you choose.

Most of the penis enlargement codes involve use of weights and pumps but these methods are not natural and they are not good for use.

However, there are exercise systems that you can put into use without engaging use of pills, weights or pumps. These methods are purely natural and have the ability to increase the volume of Corpora Carvenosa. This will enable the chamber to contain more blood to achieve a full erection.

Note that studies reveal that about 75% of the women population prefers a partner with a large penis. They might not tell you this because they do not want to disappoint you but that is exactly what they need.

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So many men are fascinated by the effectiveness of natural penis enlargement exercises. While some men haven't actually heard of them yet and others avoid them like the plague, there are a lot of men who have already tried out these penis enlargement exercises and completely swear by them.

In this article, you will learn about natural penis enlargement exercises that are effective at maximizing penile growth and providing you with satisfying results that you and your sexual partners can enjoy for life.

Before you start your penis enlargement exercises, you need to learn how to properly warm up your manhood first in order to prevent any potential injuries or issues. Warming up might even be the most vital aspect of penis enlargement altogether, despite being easy, relaxing and even boring at times.

To warm up your penis, just take a towel or a flannel and dip it into some hot water. Then, wring out the water and wrap it around your manhood and your testicles for around 5 minutes. Re-soak the towel as needed to keep it warm during that time and then dry off your manhood afterwards. After that, you can proceed to doing your penis enlargement exercises as you please.

One vital exercise that you need to make a part of your arsenal for life would be the kegel exercise. Kegels can help you ejaculate more and have better and more intense orgasms, in general.

Kegel exercises will make use of your PC muscles, which are the muscles that contract when you move your penis up and down while erect. This will basically pump up your PC muscles and help you become better in bed. Ideally, you should do kegel workouts every day in order to eliminate the risk of premature ejaculation and to enjoy better penile health overall.

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A lot of people are aware that women also do kegel exercises to enhance their pelvic floor for childbirth and for a better sex life. If you have ever felt a woman tighten her vagina while you were having sex, this is because of her strong pelvic muscles and because she has probably been doing her kegel exercises.

If you do not know where your PC muscles are just yet, they are basically the muscles found between your anus and your scrotum. To locate them, imagine tensing your anus and releasing it. This might feel strange in the beginning and might even be a little uncomfortable, but you should get used to it in no time at all.

The reason why it might feel strange and uncomfortable is because your muscles are still weak when you start out. With time, however, kegel exercises can strengthen your muscles and make things more comfortable for you as a whole. Kegels are very basic exercises, but they are also very important. By doing them, you can get stronger orgasms, harder erections, and more mind-blowing orgasms without randomly getting flaccid.

The best part is that you can do these penis enlargement exercises practically anywhere, whether you are at home, at work, in school or in bed. You can even do them right now if you want or do them while you are studying, eating, or watching TV.

Without a doubt, kegel exercises play a big part in enhancing a man's penis and providing him with explosive sex. All you have to do is keep strengthening your PC muscles by tensing them up and then releasing them periodically. This should be done on a regular basis all throughout the day. Try tensing your PC muscles 5 times every morning, noon and night for a month and you should already see a big difference afterwards - believe it.

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Believe it or not, natural penis enlargement exercises can be extremely powerful at enlarging a man's penis. One of the main penis enlargement exercises that men use to enlarge their penile girth and length would be dry milking, which is usually done when wet milking isn't possible.

Dry milking is basically just a milder version of wet milking. While it is very effective as a whole, it is also very easy to do because you won't have to get anything ready beforehand or worry about cleaning anything up afterwards, either.

To do dry milking, gently pull your penis outward until you get a semi-erection. Once you get there, make an OK grip with your hand by putting your forefinger and thumb together. Use this grip to pull your penis out from the base. This motion should take around 2 seconds to complete. Keep doing this motion over and over again.

Once you are done working on your penile base, you can move towards the middle of your shaft and do your penis enlargement exercises there. You can also pull or squeeze more, depending on your necessary levels of comfort.

In terms of penis enlargement exercises, dry milking is one of the variations that you can do while in bed. All you have to do is lie down with your knees bent and then pull your manhood towards each side. You might get an erection when doing it this way, though, so make sure you focus and discourage this from happening. If you do end up becoming fully erect, simply cup your hand around the tip of your penis until it subsides.

Wet milking, on the other hand, is one of the messier penis enlargement exercises. Despite the mess, though, it is very popular because of how effective it is at enlarging the penis as a whole.

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The only thing that makes wet milking different from dry milking is the fact that you will need an additional tool for it aside from your hands: top quality lubrication. The minute you add lubrication, though, the results will be much better. See, top quality lubrication can help you do your penis enlargement exercises for much longer and can held avoid nasty skin irritations and friction burns at the same time.

The exercise itself is pretty much just like dry milking, though. Make an OK sign again and make sure you only have a semi-erection, not a full one. This is important because you might experience vascular damage or other side effects if you do this exercise with a full erection. If you ever feel like you are becoming too erect, simply squeeze the top of your penis a little bit to discourage it and then wait for it to go away.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to lubricate your penis and your hands with your choice of lubricant, as well. Once you are properly lubricated, squeeze your penile shaft with your OK sign and pull down until you reach your glans. Then, do the same thing with your other hand, with each stroke lasting for around 4 seconds.

Keep doing the same thing over and over while alternating your hands and go for as many repetitions as possible. If you do this on a regular basis, you should be able to enlarge your penis in no time at all.

There you have it! Now you know how to do the dry milking and wet milking techniques for penis enlargement. Remember: if you do these exercises regularly and persistently, you will be well on your way to a much bigger penis and a much better life overall.

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