Make a nice makeup when wearing glasses, it is possible. Still, it is necessary to know how to put oneself in value behind glasses of correction. So StyleAndMakeup decided to play the make-up artist to give you the keys to make a successful makeup, even when wearing glasses.

Eye makeup when wearing glasses

According to the problems of sight that one has, and the glasses that one carries, the eyes appear differently. If you are short-sighted, then your eyes will look small. On the other hand, if you are farsighted, your look will look bigger.

The result, in the first case (if you have myopia) just make an eye makeup to enlarge the look. A line of adapted liner and hop, voila!

If you are farsighted, however, it is advisable not to overemphasize the look but rather to make a pronounced makeup on the mouth. So some passages of mascara adapted to the nature of your eyelashes and that's all.

Put on makeup when you have glasses: you paint your eyebrows!
They are the ones who structure the face, even when wearing glasses.

So be careful to perfectly depilate, and restructure the line with a brow pencil adapted to the natural color of yours for a perfectly harmonious set.

Put on makeup when you have glasses: you get a zero-defect complexion
Because it is essential to have a skin zero-defect when we have glasses, we do not overlook:

The concealer: since the glasses for farsightedness have a magnifying effect, be careful to conceal the dark circles.

In addition, the frame of glasses usually arises just on dark circles and makeup does not necessarily fit very well in this area. So we think about using a product that takes a long time!

The blush: it is also an essential makeup when wearing glasses.

Since the mount is placed just above the cheekbones, it is appropriate to affix a touch of blush to restructure the face but also give a "good-looking" effect to the entire make-up.

Makeup when you have glasses: you make a perfect mouth
Since the upper part of the face is already in the center of attention, especially with the glasses, it is very important to rebalance this harmony by making a perfect make-up of the mouth!

To do this, draw the outline of the lips with a pencil of the same color as the red you will use.

If you with fair skin, choose a raspberry or orange lipstick instead.
If you have dark skin, in this case, a carmine red will delight you.

A perfectly drawn mouth and a dressed look: you will be at the top of your beauty!

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.