Of recent I got a mail from one of my reader and she said “since I breakup with my ex and I found another guy who is so loving and above all caring. I also try as much as possible to reciprocate the love he has for me but it seem difficult because each time I see my ex picture I keep thinking of the past and actually find it difficult to love my new boyfriend I really like my new guy and I want to move on in life, so please help how can I quickly get over him?”

In this article I will let you know the best and most effective step to get over him fast and if this article actually help you then please don’t hesitate to share it cause they are so many out there with a similar situation like this

How can I get over him?

Kill the idea of hope: base on psychology, the issue of hope has made many people failed to get over their ex because they think they can arrange their differences and their relationship will get back rolling and by so doing the subconscious mind find it very difficult to accept any new relationship as it will only go a long way to cause depression.

So if you quickly want to get over your ex you have to kill the idea of hope and bear it in mind that the relationship was long death and it's no more in existence. By so doing the subconscious mind become aware of the fact that you don’t think about your ex and therefore you can now get along with your life.

Get close to your social life: many people face a lot of problem getting close to their social life after breakups because they had isolated them self from friends and other family relatives thinking they wanted no disturbance in their relationship and now find it very difficult to approach those friends and family members.

To quickly get over you ex you have to restore that your social life which you once lost, get along with friends and relatives which you once abandoned and in less than no time you will realize you don’t even thing about your ex any more

Avoid meeting your ex: you best know where and when you can see your ex so if you really want to get over him fast, avoid places where you can find him so you can quickly get over him

Get rid of his belongings: you might still be in possession with some of your ex belongings like his pictures and gift he bought for you when you were still together like dresses, flowers, rings, chain etc. So if you actually want to get over him quickly, you have to get rid of these things quickly.

With his belongings in your keeping it will only go a long way to rekindle your subconscious mind and all you will do is keep thinking about your good old days, they love you once share together and the hope of getting back one day.

Keep yourself busy: we all know that an ideal mind is the devil workshop. Just setting there and doing nothing to keep you busy is of no help, the more you sit ideal the more you think about your ex and the more it becomes very difficult to quickly get over him.

Finally after complying with the above, the next thing will be to entertain yourself in the right form and this is nothing more than considering what you watch, listen, read etc. Don’t watch anything being romantic or listen to sad music. When I quickly want to get over my ex I watch comedy films, wrestling, football and do something new like writing an article or read a new novel before i go to bed.

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